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Waist Measurement

When I see my doctor, the nurse assistant measures my weight and my blood pressure. I never paid so much attention about these routine checks until I was told that my blood pressure was slightly higher. 836 more words


These Hard to Tone Abs

My abs seem determined not to budge. Why? I’m not quite sure but my abs have always been the hardest area for me to get into shape. 508 more words

Exercise And Weight Loss

Obesity and Health

Obesity and Health

Australians, along with the residents of many other developed nations, are increasingly overweight and obese. Obesity is accompanied by several adverse health effects and chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, high cholesterol, coronary artery disease and fatty liver disease. 657 more words


Health shock at 21

My New Years resolution for 2014 is to improve my health. This was something I decided a while ago, however I have only just realised how crucial it is for me to make changes. 209 more words


Fat Australia: Are you dangerous? Yeah, Nah.

I have to apologise to my followers for my hiatus lately – it has been an extremely busy semester- just coming to a close now with a large pile of marking remaining! 265 more words

Week 12 of 12: What I Did This Summer

If this was a grade school writing assignment, it might go something like this:  I lifted weights.  I rode my trike.  I made new friends.  It was fun.   447 more words


Week 11 of 12: Appearances

One of my major goals was to look better in my clothes. Since I have reduced my equator by 15%, I think I have achieved a good portion of that goal. 146 more words