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Nuts about Coconut!

Ah coconut oil, it’s the latest craze! It’s what the cabbage soup diet was to the 60’s, the Atkin’s was in the 70’s (and the 90’s), it’s is on every blog you read, ironic, I know. 721 more words

Health Promotion

a sweet poem rarity

awaken to hear footsteps, gather
my shirt, my pants. rub my eyes as
I make my way through hallway, living
room kitchen. she’s there, the bluebird of… 43 more words


A Waist of Time! 5 Lies You Were Told About Waist Training

For centuries women have experimented with enhancing their bodies to appeal to societal standards of beauty, and over 100 years later wearing corsets has made a comeback under the name of “waist training” (formally called tight-lacing). 619 more words

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H shape - Avoid waist highlight

The waist is not the narrowest part of the H shaped bodies. X shapes look best when they highlight their waist however notice how highlighting the waist is making the H shape look very broad/ fat. 10 more words

Body Shape

Progress already

Nice to see the training is already making a difference.  Waist measurement at end of April was 80cm, waist measurement mid May was 79cm 👌 Its a start :-)

White Wedding -A Necessity Or A Waist

These days its important to have such a big wedding. Everyone has to go all out and have such a big elaborate white wedding, though in all honesty whats the point? 104 more words