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Refashion dress

Many crafters are of the ‘make do and mend’ attitude and I count myself in that category. Although there are obvious benefits to that, there are also drawbacks – for me, I really struggle to get rid of old clothes. 688 more words


Purrbunny Has Figured Out This Thing We Call Social Media

She goes by the handle of Purrbunny and she has taken the internet by storm.  Her name was originally Alyssa Cunningham and either by choice or necessity, she now calls herself Alyssa Faith.  195 more words

Belly fat deadlier than obesity alone, study suggests

Source: Belly fat deadlier than obesity alone, study suggests – Health – CBC News

People who weigh a normal amount when they step on the scale may be at higher risk of dying in the medium term if their fat is concentrated in the abdomen, say doctors who want everyone to use a tape measure to measure themselves. 637 more words


Curves Ahead

So, you want an hourglass figure? You want to be that girl with the pretty face, tiny waist, and booty for days?

Well, look no further. 96 more words


Oval Silver Coil Belt - M

Just a little unique Hipstrrr touch.