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A's Ordeal

A month in the new condo, a new work discipline, two sizes worth gains in the waist size, A said I have developed girth like pregnant women. 1,637 more words


Coco Flaunts Boobs, Waist Trains AND Takes Care of Baby!

Say what you will about Coco Austin, the woman is a master multitasker.

In the latest photo she posted to Instagram, she is wearing a waist trainer, holding her infant baby and taking a selfie. 16 more words

As Time Goes By

Have you ever wondered how much of your life passes you by while you are waiting?  I think of all the things I could be getting done instead of waiting … and waiting. 468 more words

The Hourglass Dilemma

Many women aspire to have an ‘hourglass’ figure. A tiny waist, with broad hips and chest. To attain this, they do hundreds of crunches in all directions, and are dismayed when their waistline increases. 190 more words



wrapped around her waist

an apron decorated

with blackbirds singing


What God Cares About

God doesn’t care about
the size of my bank account,
the size of my waist,
how many diplomas I have on my wall,
or how many cars I have in my driveway. 38 more words


“Wear what works best for you instead of following the trend. For petite girls, items that accentuate the waist always help to offer balance and proportion.”  28 more words