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Wearing my Burgundy Knit Waistcoat

After my post last week, I received a number of comments from gentlemen who were actually wearing a burgundy knit waistcoat on the day of the post. 189 more words


Burgundy Knit Waistcoat

Ever since a colleague demonstrated how a burgundy knit waistcoat could transform an otherwise rather restrained charcoal suit I’ve been on the lookout for one to add to my collection. 293 more words


Am I just happy that this exists?

To some eyes this is the perfect Ewok themed garment to wear to a Thursday evening screening of The Force Awakens. To others, it’s a lunatic conjoining of fake fur and disco pockets. 175 more words


What the fuck have you got on now?

For many, menswear rarely deviates from four staples: trousers, shirt, sweater and jacket. In the geometry of style, this sartorial quadrilateral forms the foundation of what ‘most western guys wear’™. 153 more words


The Rise of the Waistcoat

The introduction of the waistcoat to Britain is one of the few men’s garments which can be linked to a specific moment in time when in the 17th century Charles II adopted the fashion of wearing a “vest” or “doublet” of a style previously only favoured by Persian noblemen and decreed that no self-respecting gentleman could consider himself properly dressed without one. 586 more words

Most suitable tool for body

Meanswhile is one of those Japanese brands that has no presence in the UK. Like, none. If you want to buy it, you’ll need to get busy over on their… 141 more words