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Anyone with fundamentalist apron leanings can frankly do one

Where to find a weird vest that by virtue of its obscurity in the UK, is less ‘overground’ than Engineered Garments, Sassafras and Post Overalls? I imagine it’s a question that manifests like a chambray phantasm in your most feverish nightmares. 287 more words


Indifferent to the accepted rules

I saw this new Engineered Garments vest over at The Bureau a couple of days ago. I thought it looked okay. Then I saw the above image on the… 224 more words

The Bureau

A bourgeois S&M introductory pack

Given the grotesque behaviour of the NRA and the current US political incumbency, spotlighting a “holster bag” is arguably a little insensitive. Indeed, with its lightweight cotton make up and selection of contemporary colour-ways, this is ideal TJ Hooker beachwear. 238 more words

Engineered Garments

Exactingly scientific conclusions

It’s cold. A trip from under my quilt to make a cup of tea demands the constitution of a lifer in a Siberian gulag. Outside it’s white. 225 more words

Alpha Shadows

You just can't buy that kind of wisdom

When I was young they were tanktops. Now they’re popovers. Or pullovers. Or just vests. Tanktops they are not. They’ve got zips and poppers on the shoulder, they’re rendered in a huge variety of fabrics and if you spend much time poking about Japanese menswear e-tailers, you’ll see they’re everywhere. 159 more words


What's the Difference between a Suit Jacket, Blazer and Sports Jacket?

So what’s the difference between a suit jacket, a blazer and a sports jacket?  These very similar pieces of men’s clothing aren’t in fact the same. 784 more words


Practical and inarguably sensible

As non-essential essentials go, this is right up there. Unless, I guess, you’re actually into hunting? Like, actually shooting, spearing or snaring living beasts for fun. 236 more words

Alpha Shadows