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This summer is all about the seventies-hurrah! As my favourite fashion era of all time, I’m crazy excited to get out my cheesecloth, embroidered dresses, waistcoats and fringed boots again. 16 more words


How to be a Victorian - Notes, Chapter 2 - Men's Fashion

Everything below came to my attention because of one little book. Well, a rather large book. If you want the real stuff and not my notes, go… 552 more words

Look, if you're into menswear, you might find this mildly distracting...

Off down to my local Peckham caffeine trafficker this morning, I was struck by the notion of detail in menswear. High-level trends in men’s clothing (silhouette, cut, cloth, colour) move slowly – certainly in comparison with womenswear. 308 more words


Victorian? Edwardian? A little of Both? Something of Neither?

Location ~ Britannia Village: London Ambiguity

Can we begin by just stating that we like this suit of clothes? Before we tear it to pieces? Yes, we do like this new offering from Deadwool (special price at The Mens Department, other colors available at the… 280 more words

Urban Day Wear

Futurist waistcoats : Fortunato Depero.

My interest in early 20th century clothing is ever-growing and recently whilst  doing some light research on the structure of waistcoats and work vests (as you do!) for… 404 more words

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How to Wear a Waistcoat

Not that difficult I hear you say…. Slip arms through arm holes. Button up. Voila. However, wearing a waistcoat can be a bit more challenging than that. 542 more words

Peaky Blinders

Location: Neva Sky Villi

In the interest of appealing to a more economically modest set of characters, Mr. Wooster is today modeling a Peaky Blinders… 340 more words