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It’s been an intense week here in my thoughts as well as here in my life. The last two mornings have been full of distractions as I sat and read and tried to listen and it felt a bit like a battle dragging myself back only to skitter away, hopping from thought to thought. 394 more words


He is fit and fine. The doctors told the Magistrate. Inform the executioner, He is ready.

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Wait, How Do I Find Cortana?

Cortana is one of the shiniest new features in Windows 10, and here’s how to find her.

The post Wait, How Do I Find Cortana? 11 more words

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Curiosity killed the cat!

Have you ever realised that curiosity can be a very tricky emotion? It leads us to assumptions and presumptions… These can really screw with our minds and hearts. 246 more words

And Now, LORD, For What Do I Wait?

And Now,  LORD,  For What Do I Wait?

We “wait”  for a lot of things  during our life time.     If someone is sick,  we… 471 more words


God Waits On Our Hearts

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17”So hear my final words, my friends. Now that I have warned you about what’s ahead, keep up your guard and don’t let unprincipled people pull you away from the sure ground of the truth with their lies and misunderstandings.18 Instead, grow in grace and in the true knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus, the Anointed, to whom be glory, now and until the coming of the new age. 130 more words


Praying for wisdom gained from experience and knowledge

As followers of Jesus and as leaders, it is vital that we are able to think clearly and not make emotional or impulsive decisions. The King James translation and a few other translations of the bible call this virtue prudence. 371 more words