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Wait, Trust And Persevere

So today, Wait “On” the Lord. Trust “In” the Lord, and Persevere “With” the Lord. It’s in Him that we find our salvation, our rest, our strength, our hope, our comfort and our peace. 271 more words



Down near  out of waiting, or out of lord’s luck

Down on their seaside outlook bench

Grown  men  searching

Aim down for sombre storming

Strict on the straight sea… 21 more words


Take a seat

I try to be patient, wait, let things flow, but then my life seems not to move forward, and so my patience flies out the window and I try to make the world move at my pace, “move fast life and give me what I want” I say and then life, in a not very nice manner reminds me that things don’t  happen as I want them or when I want them to happen, but as needed and when needed, so I sit back down and continue to wait for my time. 6 more words


"Note to self: Relax."

People always used to tell me “Stop looking and it will come to you.” It’s not that I’ve never believed them, I was just never patient enough to really listen to it. 133 more words

A Mountain Top Experience Awaits

Exodus 24: Moses spent 40 days and nights on Mt. Sinai.

Lessons for Living Today:

Most people point back to some point in their lives that they consider a mountain top experience. 374 more words

Ddaily wword - 4/24/2015 A


Have you ever seen a scrapbook of pictures…a photo album…a diary of someone you admire and ever wondered what a great time they had on their vacation, their trip to somewhere extraordinary, a historical event that transposed your life…and then wished you could have been there? 112 more words

Program 12(i) : Program to implement Producer-Consumer problem with the wait() and notify() methods.

import java.util.ArrayList;

class MessageQueue {
//the size of the buffer
private int bufferSize;
//the buffer list of the message, assuming the string message format
private ArrayList buffer = new ArrayList(); 314 more words