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Thursday Teaser: An Odd Order

No one managed to answer last week’s riddle but you can see the answer here.

This week’s riddle is titled, an Odd Order.

A gentleman takes a seat at his local restaurant. 51 more words

Blog Blowfish

KERUI Wireless Waiter Service Calling System for Bank Pack

An even much better method to save cash is to use Cheesecake factory restaurant Cheesecake factory coupons. This sort of a coupon will allow you to save cash on particular products or save a specified amount off your total bill. 344 more words

Under pressure waiter makes up specials on the spot

Approaching table W4 Saturday night at The Great Dane, local waiter Darren Peters was reportedly irritated after being asked “what the special was” for that given evening. 275 more words

Uw Madison

Waiter's Service Deluxe

“Sir, brewed coffee?” ang tanong ng waiter na lalaking nag-aayos ng mga tasa sa coffee area.

“Yes please. For two.” ang tugon ko naman.

Bigla akong napatingin sa waiter na iyon. 1,793 more words


Why I Quit My Job As A Server

My first job in New York City was as a Hostess at the Applebee’s in Times Square. Why, yes. It is the largest Applebee’s on the planet! 1,110 more words

Tipping: To Whom and For What?

As New York begins to reconsider its position on minimum wage for service workers and the influence that the tipping culture which prevails has on the levels of… 1,164 more words

Cathy Clarke

The Smile at the Table

Austin leaned down, his forearms braced on the back of a chair, and hid his face in the crook of his arm for a moment. The pretense was weariness at the beginning of lunch shift, having already had classes that morning. 196 more words