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To be or not to be a server?

Everyone should have to have served in a restaurant for at least a year before getting to dine in at a restaurant.

Being a server means going to work and expecting the unpredictable. 274 more words

What waiters want

“What is your greatest whis ?” a reporter asks a waiter at an interview.

“Customers to eat at home, and the tip to send it to us by post”, the waiter says.


An Open Letter to the College Kids that tipped my husband $0.69

First of all I know you are 18 and older. I know most of you were in your twenties because my husband saw your ID’s. However, I address this letter to kids and not adults because you did not act… 1,735 more words

the last few weeks

sorry for not writing more. the last few weeks have been a bit intense.

– I handed in my notice at my job due to a few reasons. 39 more words


Opinion: The restaurant industry needs raise servers' wages

By Devin Ramey
Originally published March 20, 2018

Restaurants can be a cutthroat industry to work in, especially for servers who work a minimum wage job and depend on tips to make up the bulk of their income. 141 more words

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