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Undeserving Grace

Yesterday me and some of the ladies from my Life Group went to the mall to volunteer for the Angel Tree through The Salvation Army and after we were through from there we went to grab something to eat. 637 more words


Day light robbery or just a bit cheeky?

Recently on the media there had been coverage on the dreaded service charge.  In case you hadn’t heard this is basically the story: Some chain restaurants have for the last few years been adding an extra ten percent charge to your bill. 497 more words

How to eat alone in a restaurant, not look like a loser, nor a scardey cat!

Firstly, this is NOT me

At least not me now… but 20 years ago? maybe not so far off a kinda sorta me

Dining by yourself, is typically not the desired state for most people but there are ways to survive the stares. 243 more words


Montrey's Cigar Lounge, Ferguson, Missouri

The other night a friend an I visited Montrey’s Cigar Lounge in Ferguson, Missouri. It is a very nice place and I loved the ambience. From the live old school music, to their humidor full of beautiful and different cigars selections. 349 more words

Five Second Rule

Everyone knows about the five second rule where food is concerned. Supposedly, if you drop food on the floor, it’s okay to still eat it or serve it if it’s been picked up within 5 seconds. 194 more words