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How to Be a Good Customer: Part V

Let us continue through the trenches of waiting tables in my next installation of How to Be a Good Customer!

Just pay for the food you ate, okay? 839 more words

Tales Of The Server

“A person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person.”

Dave Barry

This Is How I See It

An Open Letter to Parents Who Dine Out...

…With their children.

As a server, we’re constantly barraged with requests, complaints, and challenges. But one thing is the bane of every server’ existence. Families who dine out. 914 more words

You wanted a tip? (a short story)

“So what will it be?” Joe asked. He wiped down the grungy bar with a grungier rag. The restaurant stank of beer and buffalo-wings, stale. 1,332 more words


Ramekins and pints

What do we do you mean good measure? I don’t want good. I want exact, perfect. Good measure just leaves too much room for error. For this, we don’t need any error. 35 more words

Deal 964: Talented

Hindsight is always clear. The trick is to make foresight work. If I only knew then…

Well. “Then” I was starving for my art, and getting nowhere fast other than thinner. 221 more words

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