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August 3rd 2015

Today at work (waiter, restaurant) I made an… Interesting discovery.

Because I’m saving like mad to pay for my European interraiing trip that starts in 11 days I’m constantly trying to figure out how far off my monetary goal I am. 486 more words

Heaven is a kitchen, hell is front-of-house.

This opinion is shared by almost everybody I have worked with in the kitchen.

In my short career so far I have met some amazing chef’s. 568 more words


Server Rant Pt. 1

“Good evening, welcome to … , my name is … , and I will be your server tonight.”

How many times have you heard that greeting or something similar to it? 1,150 more words

Behind The Kitchen Door

Director/ Editor/ Camera: Sekou Luke, http://sekoulukestudio.com/
Assistant Director/ Casting: Chantal George
Producer: Saru Jayaraman
Casting/ Production Manager: Ashley Wiggins
Production Assistant: Andrew Horton… 133 more words


Работа в ресторане

Когда приехал в США
Работать я пошел со второго дня.
Английского совсем не зbнал,
А только глазами все моргал.
Глазами я моргал везде
И днем и ночью и во сне. 6 more words


Tips for my wait person

Dear waitperson,

I want to like you. I appreciate how hard you work, I understand the complexities of the kitchen, I feel your sorry psyche when some thoughtless asshole makes unreasonable demands and then expects you to pick up the tab on your pitiful wages. 427 more words

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