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The man was in the restaurant and called the waiter:

– Waiter!
– Yes Sir, Tell me.
– Try the soup, please …
– Sir is there anything in the soup? 192 more words


Picture 1: Creating a Purium Health Products Advertisement

Hey Everyone, I am new to Illustrator and am slowly learning how to use it to it’s full capacity!  I would love people who would follow me and give me critiques on my work or if you want something done, let me know!   38 more words


Your Coworkers: The Lifer

Oh, the plight of the lifer. She has been doing this too many days for too many years. This is often one of the nearly full-time employees. 521 more words

Book Excerpt


June 26th 2015

Today I worked a shift, at work, oddly. And I was reminded of something I’ve noticed over my many years of work in the service industry. 364 more words

From Flickr: "India House - San Francisco, California" by The J. Smith Archive

629 Washington Street
San Francisco
San Francisco’s Famed Curry Restaurant

Plastichrome by Colourpicture

via Flickr http://flic.kr/p/ueVVRH

Does It Annoy You When Servers Do This?

by Sabrina Boyd (@SabrinaKayaB)

The Washington Post has determined “The most annoying restaurant trend happening today”

Forget servers who don’t write down your order and then get it wrong, or texting on the job, or even always handing the check to the guy, assuming he’s going to pay for his date – all pet peeves of mine and things I specifically learned not to do as a server. 550 more words


Timeless Trend: Waiter Chic

Crisp collars, short aprons, and a fitted tie. This look is no longer reserved for the high-end waiters and waitresses hustling and bustling from table to kitchen. 102 more words