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Test Passed!

So hubby went back to the hospital today and passed his breath test to show he’s not been smoking! Yay! So, as long as we don’t get a negative decision in the next week……it means we’re going on the waiting list. 328 more words

The Fine Gael foundation document fails to provide a clear vision for a fair health service

Analysis from the Irish Independent on 9 April 2016

It seems like the drafters of Fine Gael’s ‘foundation document’ presented to Independent TDs last Tuesday live in a different world to most of us mere mortals. 811 more words

Emergency Departments

Why Wait?

Where is Tina’s Strange Encounters headed this year?

Well I can say, since January it has not been in any way dull and quiet. My health journey is as strong and important as ever. 1,603 more words

Anxiety Vs The Doctor

When you are ill, you go to the doctor! But what happens when the doctor is the thing that is making you ill?

It is easy to say to someone that suffers from Social Anxiety, that they should go to their doctor and ask them for advice, but what if asking that doctor is the entire reason you are ill in the first place? 421 more words


Public Healthcare = Not Enough Healthcare, Then You Die

A young Ontario girl with cancer recently died even though she had donors available for her needed bone marrow transplant.

The bureaucracy stuck her on a waiting list because the public healthcare system could not provide her with a hospital bed when she needed it. 39 more words


Life on the Frontline #3 - Sitting on the Waiting List

You’ve made contact with your local counselling service. That’s a big step in itself. A brave decision. You are ready to talk. Now is the right time. 767 more words


Fallen into the Crack

The best phrase I have heard, to date, that explains my situation and others who are facing homelessness at my “level” – Fallen into the Crack. 176 more words