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Primary School Disappointment

I don’t normally post about things external to the usual blogging topics but I feel I need to express my motions and motivations as it’ll probably affect my blog ongoing. 478 more words


Full rallies update

We have added more rallies to the Full Rallies list.
If you are interested in joining the waiting lists for any of the full rallies please contact the rally marshall.

Centre Members

The NHS Needs Radical Change

Like me, the NHS celebrates its 70th birthday this year. For the first half of its life, it was a shining light in a world, recovering from the ravages of two world wars. 1,035 more words


Elective procedures could be cancelled in January but how has the NHS in your area coped so far?

With the cancellation of elective procedures hitting the headlines we take a look at how the size and length of waiting lists is changing over time. 487 more words

It's not right and it's not okay.....

It sounds very clichéd, but all I really want to do in life is make a difference and help others. I enjoy seeing other people happy and pride myself on trying to be a nice person (admittedly this is easier said than done at times). 854 more words

Going Back Into Treatment

Tomorrow I begin treatment again at my local Community Eating Disorder services after over a year fending for myself. It’s safe to say ‘apprehensive’ doesn’t even come close to covering how I feel about this. 1,076 more words

Mental Health


By Rob Harding

Content warning: mental health, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety disorder, suicide.

This article is not written in the Radical’s usual style, with all the froth and fury about parts of society that might be ‘broken’ or ‘harmful’ or ‘dog-fucked beyond human comprehension by a swarm of grey-suited sociopaths inexplicably elected by a suicidal electorate’. 1,284 more words