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Diagnosis : ASD

I have finally had the draft report back from the psychologist. All diagnostic criteria for ASD met. AQ 44/50 and EQ 19/80. The psychologist is “reasonably certain” that I’m autistic. 1,458 more words

Where are the therapists?

It’s so hard to find a therapist. They are only available to answer the phone at certain times and you always get answering machines telling you ‘if you’re calling about a therapy place, I’m sorry to inform you that I have no free places and the waiting list is closed’. 1,701 more words


Waiting Lists...Watch this Space

Colin Barnett had made election promises to assist with the problem of wait lists into retirement village living and helping seniors to downsize. We wonder what Mark McGowan will do to help with this problem? 16 more words


My Journey through the Independent Living Movement, by Lorraine Cooke

Lorraine Cooke recalls her experience of moving from a residential service back to her family home, before moving to a home of her own. She also tells us why the Independent Living Movement is so important to her. 564 more words


The waiting list that never ends

So near and yet so far. After all the delays in getting assessed for autism we were finally starting to make some progress. AQ and EQ questionnaires all done. 158 more words

Waiting till Godot knows when

The surprise at the inaccuracy of waiting lists is, well a surprise. Whatever about public waiting times, try asking the HSE, or any public or voluntary hospital, what the waiting times are for private patients. 773 more words


EXCLUSIVE: Quebec autism action plan on hold, family gears up for legal fight

A Montreal family forced to crowd fund for speech therapy for six-year-old Charlotte Kuhn, who has autism, is building a case against the Quebec government. 514 more words