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How to Pray for Elections: Lessons Learned

I can still remember the 2000 presidential election. On the morning of that brisk Tuesday in November,  I gathered with a large group of moms in the park to pray. 774 more words


Learning to Wait

I hardly know where to begin. It seems as if God has been working double-time in my life. But, I guess the beginning is the best place to start, so I’ll go back there. 1,127 more words

Can We Ask God to Hurry?

Make haste O God…

There are seven scriptures in the Psalms where David prays for God to make haste in helping him. If we ask with the right attitude, not primarily asking because of impatience, but out of concern and desperation. 846 more words


Summer Reflection

It has been a good few months since I’ve last wrote and reflected on my summer experience along with entering once again into seminary. This summer has been one of the most roughest times of my life. 1,461 more words

Waiting On God

The wedding night: delight in each other's bodies - Song 7

Is it surprising that Solomon compares his bride’s breasts to grapes when about 7% of breast milk is sugar, which beats all other constituent nutrients in milk?

Jesus Christ

Stop Running Ahead

Does anyone else get as annoyed at stoplights as I do? I understand they are important. Accidents are already frequent enough; can you imagine what things would be like if we had no stoplights?! 1,075 more words

When we go through various trials, we find ourselves on our knees more. We pray and pray for God to get us through or out of the current difficulty. 795 more words