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Is Anything Too Hard?

Is anything too hard for the Lord?

As we walk with God there will be all sorts of moments. Think about your own walk and your experiences with God, the Words from God, the way you have grown. 502 more words



Tomorrow,it will be three months since I decided to end a relationship I was not at peace with and I must say,I have been great.It’s my prayer that  God keeps me at this season UNTIL He decides otherwise.Of course,there has been moments of loneliness evoked especially when I see couples or other things.Moments of remorse over things said or not said,but above all,I’m at peace. 870 more words


The More You Eat, the Hungrier You Get

Some time ago our pastor preached a series entitled, “Life in the Fast Lane.” It was about our need to establish margin in our lives so we can do the things that matter most. 533 more words

..ghosts are real

When I was in primary school, we would often scare each other with ghost stories. I remember in the third grade (yes I recall that far back and further too:)), we would stand outside our classroom at break time and watch the chairs move around the room miraculously. 1,016 more words

Mental Musings

For The One Asking...Is This It?

I’ve tried to finish this blog post for months now. Somehow it feels more like a book of all the things I have gleaned from learning to wait well and sometimes wrong. 982 more words

Don't Wait

Last night the Holy Spirit poured out some wisdom while I was ignoring my Bible study leader.

Okay, I wasn’t actually ignoring him, but I did have my pink pen stuck in my Doctor Who journal as the Spirit whispered treasures for me to color the pages with. 512 more words

Coffee Talks

...today was the day

From the moment I got up, its all I could think about. Today was the day. Despite the fact that I had a late night, as usual, I was up at the crack of dawn. 662 more words

Mental Musings