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Front of house - Ups and Downs

Well first you have the guests. Some of the things you get called, for just doing your job are hilarious on reflection. When you realise how annoyed that guest must have been in order to call you those things, suddenly the job becomes worthwhile. 471 more words

1907: Britain's Most Prolific Baby Traffickers Caught in Liverpool - PART 1

April 1907 – Teenager Lily Kitching sits in the family home on Wood Street in Grimsby with her parents. A single mum, she’s nursing her week old baby boy who as yet still doesn’t have a name. 586 more words


Am I Selfish?

I am a Nepalese British. My parents remind me very often that I am lucky to have grown up in England and I agree. I have always been grateful for the sacrifice my parents have made so that I can have a brighter future. 1,430 more words

Money Problem

Things Servers Cannot Stand

There are many different customers who pass through the doors of every restaurant in the world. Many are fantastic people. Most have proper manners. But there are some customers that fall into categories that drive servers crazy. 333 more words

Week 1: Sweet Victory Pie

Welcome to my first-ever blog post!

My name is Jamie and I like baking pies. I also like every single thing that Sara Bareilles does in this world, including her musical, Waitress. 532 more words


I Think I've Got This?

I am not freaking out yet…..that’s a good sign…right? The newest thing I added to the do not forget list is ladle. I need to remember to grab a ladle so I can toss the salad with the homemade Italian dressing from my waitress job. 338 more words


A Waitress' Confessions

I am ready to leap, to jump into the abyss of sea-monsters, even sea urchins, to save every reef of dying acid-bleached corral, we have raped our oceans like leeches, out for blood. 144 more words