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Day 1882: Summon your strength

I need to summon my strength for a very early morning flight to Houston, so I choose to summon this pack of tissues.

I need to summon my strength because I am… 162 more words

Personal Growth

Order up: 'Waitress' makes a grand return

BOSTON – Another prodigal show has returned home, and the good news is that the charm and good humor it showed a few years ago are still intact. 841 more words


I love giving my vegan customers a drink without a straw. If they ask for one, then how much do they really care about the environment? Petty? Definitely.


'Waitress' (Broadway Musical) - February 6, 2018

The casting lineup was definitely eye-catching: Sara Bareilles and Jason Mraz. It was more interesting because Sara composed the entire numbers of this musical. In addition, she is my wife’s favorite singer, so there was no doubt we were missing this one. 239 more words


Why I learn French

I work in a small town. It is kind of a ghost town, in the winter. There is no one! Like, really no one. There are some days, when we open the restaurant at 9 am, we close it at 11 pm, and the only customer is my boss. 760 more words


Me, myself & I

So, this is kind of funny.

After everything I wrote, when I was younger, here I am. Creating my own, very first blog. 140 more words



Talking to Alice as she smokes outside the restaurant

where she works as a waitress, in a hokey red and pleated

uniform, some salt-of-the-earth and down home nonsense. 124 more words