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Photo Shoot #6: Several Cafe Shots

Hair & Face: Saber
Producer: Haruhi Murakami
Series: Fate

Body: Waitress Body Long Lenght (Black)
Producer: Hidemasa Kiyohara
Series: Cu-poche Extra… 161 more words


Working At A Desk 9-5 Doesn’t Make Your Job Any More Real Than Mine

Many of the white collar workers of the world seem to think that a large portion of American workers are simply imagining their jobs. I guess anyone who doesn’t sit on their ass drinking coffee and making excel spreadsheets all day just doesn’t know what it’s like to ACTUALLY work! 313 more words

Behind the serving tray and apron

It is no anomaly for the woman serving you at the coffee shop to be studying for her Masters in English Literature, or the guy serving you at a bar to be a post-grad with a degree in Maths; it has almost become a cliche for young adults continuing their education to be struggling through life with the hospitality industry as their crutch. 533 more words

Orchid Articles

How catering jobs damaged my social life

I have recently landed a good job. Everyone asked what was the first thing I did to celebrate.
‘Burn my uniform.’
It’s not that I hated it. 822 more words


Forget me not?

Scenes from last night:

Last week, I was working the front bar when this woman, who comes in 2-3 times a week with her boyfriend, sits down at my bar with another man who isn’t her boyfriend. 115 more words


I Guess It Really DOES Pay To Be Nice

“It’s not about the money ― it’s about showing someone you care”

Well said.  Check out this story about how being NICE can be rewarding. 6 more words


9 Little Ways to Make Life Easier for Your Server

Waiting tables is one of the most thankless jobs out there. I did it for most of my college years. I actually wouldn’t mind doing it again. 124 more words