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Waitress Vera Louise Gorman (Beth Howland) was called “Dinghy” by her gruff, boisterous boss Melvyn Sharples (Vic Tayback), the owner of Mel’s roadside diner on the sitcom ALICE/CBS/1976-85. 44 more words


What Rich People Are Buying From The Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog 2016

Every year around this time, Neiman Marcus releases a Christmas catalog with a few ridiculous gifts that most people find extravagant and a little bit sickening.  101 more words


Not The Tip A Waitress Wants To Receive

In a nutshell, the “tip” was to be a stay at home mom, despite the excellent service she provided to the family.

It happened at a South Carolina restaurant, a Cracker Barrel. 151 more words


Instead Of A Tip, Waitress Receives Note Saying "A Woman's Place Is In The Home"

A South Carolina waitress says she is “heartbroken” and “mortified” after in lieu of a tip, she received a note from a couple that said a woman’s place is in the home. 325 more words


The Most Insulting Thing Ever Said to a Waitress

I have made no secret of the fact that I consider myself an anti-feminist.  At least where the First World is concerned.  Here in the West, the pet issues of feminism are a bad joke.  946 more words


New Acting Gig!

Blog time! It’s been awhile, as my children’s theatre contract ended mid-August. I haven’t really had much to say in my BFA blog because I have since been spending some quality time at home saving money and searching for the next acting gig. 603 more words


Women celebrating women

When women support each other, something magical happens. And nothing is more evident than that in a new ad campaign from Ann Taylor.

According to  211 more words

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