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Confessions of a Waitress

Now that I’ve left my first real job, a sense of fear for my future is kicking in. It was time for me to stop waitressing and give myself a break before starting a new chapter in september. 1,352 more words

5 days sober

today was…okaaaaay. or maybe it was good. i didn’t cry. i didn’t have a panic attack. i also didn’t leave the house. today is the 5th day for me to be sober. 240 more words

Server Rant Pt. 1

“Good evening, welcome to … , my name is … , and I will be your server tonight.”

How many times have you heard that greeting or something similar to it? 1,150 more words

#Robot Waitress Debuts in #Zhejiang

On Wednesday, a company in Yiwu, eastern China Zhejiang Province, has finally launched their first batch of catering robots that can deliver food to customers, and other types of robots such as security robots after a three-year endeavor. 55 more words


Worshipful Waitressing and Other Lessons from the Valley

This summer, much to my surprise, I’ve found a lot of spiritual lessons in “the art of waitressing.”

In going from school to the valley of ordinary life, I was a little sulky. 786 more words


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Beautiful reflections of a precious woman who is seeking the heart of our Lord! He is truly in every moment- good or bad; easy or hard; painful or pleasurable- our God is faithful and so good! Worthy of worship in all things!

A Look Into The Mind of a Waitress

First of all, I work at an extremely nice Steakhouse with very high standards, excellent staff, and (usually) excellent service. I am good at my job and I have only ever had one complaint about my service(and even that didn’t really count) and I have never gotten a call to our corporate office about me. 1,188 more words


My Most Embarrassing Moment

In trying to get into a regular routine of writing, I did what anyone else does. Google. “Things to blog about, blog topics, creative writing prompts, etc.” After finding dozens of ideas and topics I had to start somewhere. 376 more words