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Waitressing Woes: Tipping Your Server

As many of you know, I’m currently waiting tables while I look for something more permanent. It’s not the best job right now, but it’s something. 276 more words

How To Tip

Why tip? Who to tip? How much to tip?

I am a hairstylist. Now, even though I get paid differently then say a waitress/waiter, I still welcome tips because tips are most of my income. 325 more words


May 29, 2016; 12:47 AM

Fine dining is no joke. The little things matter in service and that’s the worst part. At this point of my life I don’t give a fuck about want to pursue fine dining and if I do, I want a very chill, moderately fun, controlled environment. 85 more words


7 Types Of Annoying Customers

So, anyone who works in a Shop, Café, Restaurant, Bar i.e. any job dealing with lots of people, will hopefully relate to this post. If you don’t, then that’s probably because you’re one of the annoying customers. 984 more words

Take Five

After a couple month hiatus, the last of the Black Phone series is finally complete. :) There was no be no better way for me to round out the series than with one of my favorite characters: Flo. 41 more words


When You Don't Have the Hamiltons to See Hamilton

Whenever family members or friends who are visiting New York ask me what show they should see, I immediately respond, “Hamilton.” Obviously.

Then I remember:  379 more words


I Hope I Get It: 2016 Tony Predictions

There are only three Sundays left until the biggest Sunday of the year! That’s right, Tony Award season is upon us and in only a few short days, Broadway Christmas will be here and the Year of  591 more words