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Early Day

Early Day:

I would like to thank all of the people who offered their characters to cameo in this strip today:

Jen Linman: tapas.io/series/My-Friends-in-Distantland
ShinyDMaru: … 129 more words


Did Franzia Do The Right Thing At Her Waitress Job?

Franzia did something with a tip she got last night at her waitress side gig that caused some contention in the studio.

Did she do the right thing? 24 more words


She Used to Be Mine...I think

Please forgive this totally selfish, self-indulgent post.  I’m sitting on my couch feeling sorry for myself right now, and I totally shouldn’t be…

At church on Easter Sunday, our pastor referenced the What to Expect When You’re Expecting book.  768 more words


How to Be a Good Customer: Part V

Let us continue through the trenches of waiting tables in my next installation of How to Be a Good Customer!

Just pay for the food you ate, okay? 839 more words

Tales Of The Server

Coffee Black, To Go by sheriffandsteel

Because every pairing needs a coffee shop AU

banner courtesy of ultimatebethylficlist
Bethyl Fanfiction

An Open Letter to Parents Who Dine Out...

…With their children.

As a server, we’re constantly barraged with requests, complaints, and challenges. But one thing is the bane of every server’ existence. Families who dine out. 914 more words

Nervous Nellie

Nervous Nellie sounds way better than holy anxiety Batman.  I chose to sleep in and start my day a little later today. I only had a few things that I “needed” to do, go to the bank,get gas, take the girl to see her friend and check out the fresh baby, and stop at the ReStore.  1,157 more words