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What I Have Learned While Working in a Restaurant

For the past two summers and this past winter break, I have taken my talents to this restaurant in Middleton called Hailey’s as a hostess/Keno girl. 390 more words


Chain Restaurant Adventures: Awkward Situations

An important skill that can never be properly taught is how to handle awkward situations, and in a job where so much time is spent communicating with the public they certainly come up. 181 more words

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Chain Restaurant Adventures

I graduated on a beautiful day in May and I’m already missing my studio classes; my professors always said that one of the most difficult things to do after college would be picking my own projects and I’m definitely running into that. 419 more words

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The Hotel Menu

Waitress hands over the Menu card to the customer and politely asks him, “Can I help you with the Menu?”

The customer looks over the menu for a few seconds, flips through some pages randomly, and says, “Oh yes! 28 more words


Even rice gruel can be sexy if it's served to you by a bikini model【Video】

Shenyang, China, may be a few hours’ drive from the sea, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get an eyeful of good-looking girls and guys in swimwear… 347 more words


Waitress or whore?

Your server is not your servant. The person who brings your food to you shouldn’t have to grovel. I have heard of people who will put out twenty one dollar bills on the table and tell the waitress that if she performs to their happiness this will be her tip. 303 more words


Food and drinks: servers and kitchen staff dirty acts

I am sure many patrons in restaurants, cafe, food outlets, etc… believe that servers or kitchen staff would spit on food and drinks of choosy, or rude customers. 1,346 more words