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Wake On Lan - as well as Wan


So you want to turn on your PC without lifting a finger? well it’s not going to be possible, this guide involves a lot of steps and a good amount of work, haha…! 1,199 more words


FreeNAS 9.3 Wake On LAN and Mac OS X

Although WOL has been an issue in the past on FreeNAS, on FreeNAS 9.3 it is supported out of the box. To save a little power I wrote a small script to shut down my FreeNAS and wake it up again remotely. 271 more words


Wake On LAN

If you have one computer at a location on a network and you want to turn it on remotely i.e. without physically present at that location, then there is something called Wake On LAN (WOL). 238 more words


Computer inexplicably turning on - Intel to blame

If you’re finding that your computer turns on of its own volition sometimes and you can’t work out why, I may have found your solution. If your bought or built a computer, laptop, ultrabook or possibly even tablet in the last 4 years, then the cause may be Intel Smart Connect Technology. 844 more words


Power on your PC remotely

Ever wondered how to boot up your PC remotely ? Well, as it turns out it isn’t rocket science. I’ve been using my desktop for quite sometime now without a monitor and accessing it remotely. 325 more words


Unlock on LAN Apartment Security

Here’s a cool little variation of that handy little function called Wake on LAN — found himself locked out of his apartment one too many times, so he decided to add his own fail safe backup in order to… 189 more words

Raspberry Pi

Enabling Wake on LAN in OpenWRT

When I switched from DD-WRT to OpenWrt on my TL-WR1043ND router, I couldn’t find a WOL page in the UI. Here is how to enable it: 393 more words