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This video popped up in a Facebook news feed today. The woman who reposted it is a kind and intelligent woman. I have no truck with her, but I think the people who concocted this little swirl of fiction are immoral, disingenuous, ugly. 677 more words

Real World

Of Soup and Love

“Of soup and love, the first is better.” — Spanish Proverb

It’s been cold for days. It’s the end of the month, which means both groceries and money are short.

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Trying to figure this out...

So lately I’ve had a lot of thoughts but I guess that seems generic because we all have a lot of thoughts all the time. Maybe it’s that my thoughts/ideas seem to be more stressful than usual or maybe I just need a place to air my grievances because I don’t exactly feel like telling people about what they are. 364 more words


Foolish Impracticality is the light at the end of the tunnel.

OUCH!!!!!  I smashed my thumb a second time with the business end of a hammer. This was followed by an egregious mistake while cutting an outlet opening into a 12-foot-long tongue and groove board while plugging away at finishing out my wife’s new art studio. 682 more words

Simple Living And Pleasures

The Proust Questionnaire

A Parlor Game.

The other day I noticed that Joan Didion had filled out the Proust Questionnaire. Years ago, I’d read about the Proust Questionnaire, a kind of parlor game popular in late 19th c. 684 more words

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A First Time for EVERYTHING?

Steven J. Callis

It was her first time. Emotions ranged from squeals of delight to shrieks of fear. The supervisors were filled with anticipation and excitement. 394 more words

104. Wake Up and Smell The Coffee (2001)

Artist: The Cranberries  Kompositörer: Dolores O’Riordan & Noel Hogan

Utgivningsår: 2001 Album: Wake Up and Smell The Coffee


Väck inte den björn som sover. 294 more words