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The Enlightened Mind is Egoless

Ego is the creator of suffering; the enlightened mind is egoless.

The basis of delusion is ego clinging, to hold onto the idea of I. 470 more words


Tips to Deal with Sleep-Maintenance Insomnia

Written by Jamie

I’ve recently been struggling with sleeping through the night. ¬†Sleep finds me pretty quickly after my head hits the pillow, but I find myself waking up early and tossing and turning rather than returning to sleep. ¬† 383 more words


So why thought free wakefulness?

The sign of learning is to be more gentle and disciplined.

The sign of practice is to have fewer selfish emotions.

What obscures our underlying wakefulness is thinking and emotions. 189 more words


Cosmic Consciousness

Manly P. Hall speaking on the search for cosmic or universal consciousness.


You aren't your stupid khakis, or your car, or your bank account...

In my previous post, I stressed the importance of regarding yourself as more than just a physical body. I wanted to give a quote from Manly P. 742 more words


night-time musings

Last night was a very wakeful night and not all because of Baby C but because my boyfriend woke me up a few times, no not for that. 315 more words


Insomnia - 'A rude awakening'

It’s 10 o’clock in the evening you’re tired and having not slept much the night before you’re convinced that you’re going to sleep like a log. 872 more words