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Wake up!

Seventeen days in to January 2018 and I have done nothing but think, think and think again about things I still have to do, could do or have to. 151 more words

30 Minute Window

Poem No.24: Morning



You are still asleep

The sight of you resting next to me

like a pond on a windless day

makes me happy

Your Hair Messy… 71 more words


Monday, Monday

It’s time to get back to work.

The weekend is over and so is your desire to get out there and get going.

Monday’s are hard, but starting the week out right can make all the difference! 477 more words


Call to Action

I realized today that I have gone on way to many rants on the threats of environmental degradation without ever actually doing anything about it. My actions have been limited to criticizing other people for not being environmentally aware without ever actually making an effort to make them aware of the problems we face. 756 more words

One Day

I love these days, it already starts the evening before:  no plans, no appointments, everything just open, like a long wide winding road.

There is a big storm going and during the night I was woken up by a very strong wind that was tearing at the roof. 83 more words


Hair care - 7 day treatment!

7 day hair treatment! – do it yourself at home!!

Happy new year blog readers!

This is my go to for hair care – heating appliances I’m sure are used on a daily basis! 284 more words



Do you ever wake up or half wake up from a dream with an idea?

An idea that you can’t fully remember or pin point but you have an idea of what it was? 128 more words