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Awake Whilst Asleep

I surprises me to find that I’m just as messed up now as I was when I was a teenager. But it also pleases me to find that I have much the same spirit of adventure and creativity I had when I was a teen. 219 more words


Waking and Sleeping Dreams

I recently fell back in love with David Bowie’s song “Sound and Vision,” and the words seem to linger in my mind and in the air, even days after having last heard it: 819 more words

The Pre-Pole-Shift Times.

For years I have only posted specific material to this website, however, I’ve decided to include my other Pole-Shift and After-Time writings: the following is a recent Facebook post from my… 1,249 more words


The Wreckoning

Half a month’s worth in one just night: flash torrent chaos rains, freefall-bomber hits the skids…rainy, rainy skies, up since just gone three, realigning smooth riversides, knee deep down in autumn sludge… 160 more words