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i put myself down
for a nap (
Billy was there,
curled at my feet)
and a dream en#sued:

use#less converse
in some drive… 106 more words


Quotes on imagination and image from, Waking Dreams & Borderlands

I like to draw and to paint. The journey in my relationship to this aspect, how I feel about art, in my life has changed over the years. 1,664 more words

Academic Writing

Mini Dreams

This was my mini dream – I was sitting at my computer waiting for a program to install and closed my eyes. Immediately I was in a rough area, like a cave. 689 more words

Personal Life


I had a thought this morning. Racked with emotion, I wondered, and dreamed. Allowing my ego the live out its thoughts, I questioned and dreamed. 223 more words

Personal Growth

Protection From Dangerous Car

Another benefit to learning the “Language of the Divine” is being able to hear when God is trying to warn us of danger. In the following story the author received multiple insights that quite possibly saved her life. 479 more words

Book 3


Painting by Odilon Redon

I will leave the grey oppression
Of concrete and dust,
Walk where the sea air swells,
Breathe in the sappy spring, 27 more words


Waking Dreams

You crept into my waking dreams
It’s not as subtle as it seems
The growing feelings falling from ceilings
You know it’s true
Were only human beings…
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