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Waking Ned Devine

As lottery mania grows in the U.S. with the Powerball jackpot surpassing $1.5 Billion, I feel like this is a good time to recommend everyone watch… 84 more words


Filmed on location: Favorite Irish movies

Leading up to our trip, James and I have watched a lot of movies that have Ireland as a backdrop or characters who are Irish. Some of these movies focus on historical events or time periods; others are just funny comedies. 621 more words


A Bit of the Irish

Whilst the Irish Soda Bread was baking and the corned beef dinner was  simmering, a few of my favorite Irish films came to mind, and I was wondering what some of your favorite Irish movies might be. 126 more words


When Irish eyes are smiling it's probably because they watched at least one of these awesome movies

As an Irish-American I have always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with St. Patrick’s Day. On the one hand it’s lovely to celebrate the man who removed snakes from Ireland¬†even if it is completely… 2,198 more words

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Waking Ned Devine

Waking Ned Devine is a funny/great movie! The opening scene had me laughing for a good couple minutes. I feel like movies of this nature are usually pretty predictable but I didn’t feel that way about this one, when you thought it was going one way it took a complete left turn, i think that’s part of the reason i enjoyed it so much. 319 more words

Isle of Man/Isle of Movies

My family flew to the Isle of Man, left the airport, explored a castle, and promptly stumbled across a film crew. Here is one thing about travel: sometimes life stops seeming real. 508 more words

I don't thinkg it's going to happen; Waking Ned Devine

Cosmic irony is a very important comedic element in regards to film. One can’t help but laugh, despite how painful it may be to a character when something good is expected and something bad is given. 502 more words

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