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A study says teens are spending nearly all their waking hours staring at screens

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Facebook, news apps, Snapchat — there’s endless temptation for bored teens to take out their smartphones and scroll.

The Washington Post recently wrote an in-depth piec… 393 more words



The Daily Post prompt is: dream

Waking from a dream is hard,

When morning brings a bitter light,

And nothing calls beyond the sill.


At night I join the starlit dance, 48 more words


Haiku - Hangover

“Cotton wool feeling
Minimal dehydration state
Coffee bacon wakeup”


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Haiku - Beams

“Warmth permeating all
Light destroying nights fortress
Fairy dust light beams dance”


Waking pt 5

I chose the yellow and he cut me free after administering the drug. Within seconds my mind started to clear, the fog that had so blanketed my mind for so long I hadn’t even noticed it lifted and everything was brighter and sharper. 412 more words