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Waking up

Waking up
I find myself thinking of you
the thought of you stretching as you wake
the simple pleasure of seeing your consciousness flood into you… 14 more words


Dawn Birds & Ancient Ways

Sunrise  5am.

Dawn. Stream of cool air through the open window, flapping pigeons, and a cockerel crowing at full lung capacity across the fields as his tribe have done since time immemorial. 51 more words


Meltdown 5am

Phew, it was hot last night. Gasping for a drink, the cold water took an age to run cold.

Strong wind blowing all night rattling the doors if the windows were open, and suffocating if closed; and the full moon riding in a wrack of clouds. 27 more words


Mount Vesuvius (Vesuvio)

Rising high above the Bay of Naples, Mount Vesuvius sits proud and is a sight to behold. Of course, it is responsible for the devastation of… 564 more words

Mt Iron Hike, Wanaka

Mount Iron above Wanaka in New Zealand is one of my favourite hikes. One of those wonderful walks that gives you the exhiliration of reaching a summit and the joy of gaining altitude with a view, very close to a town and only a short hike. 189 more words


Waking Up Earlier

I normally wake up at around half eight, to nine in the morning, and will happily get out of bed (unless it’s a long day at work; those are the only days I seem to be extremely tired in the morning, figures) straight away. 177 more words


dreaming awake

my dreams have returned
speckled with
fierce, heavy
moments of
failure, loss, sadness

the sort of dreams that
threaten to
choke you
and i wake but
life offers no relief