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Dreams Are All About Waking

Waking from a dream is a delicate
conniption of permeated abandon.
Hamsters in running water are details
in need of saving from icy jaws
of guilty dissipating escape. 371 more words




Getting up early always sounds easy the night before and is always hard in the morning. Today was no exception but we all wanted to join the swim from the surf club so we had little choice. 629 more words

Random Thoughts

Waking Snapshot, Eyes Closed

A fingertip twitching on her pillow case of white linen is the first sensation she awakens with.

Next, that particular clear light of morning, shining with luminous pressure onto and through eyelids determinedly shut against it.  102 more words

Creative Writing

Memory Dream

Waking to dreams
That seem like memories
Memories of things to be

Sleep comes at times to fast
As does the waking
The feeling remains… 12 more words


Poetry: "Wake"

This one is a little moody too, just like yesterday’s. 54 more words


To be touched by life

A new poem – to be touched by life

Love flies like a wind,
warms the earth of our human,
like a sun,
While above the clouds, 135 more words


Impossibility of Morning

Shards of light cut around the edges of blinds
puncture the bubble of sleep, my eyes
resist opening, consciousness absent
from body, lying corpse-like
under a mound of blankets – 115 more words