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Salty Sweet

My first language was Thai, simply the result of absorbing what I heard at home as the first child of Thai immigrants in Omaha, Nebraska. The world I lived in then as a toddler was small and safe and full of language. 228 more words


Good Morning

A cool breeze and kisses of foam from a warm cup of joy.

Vines of morning glories that coil around rusty walls like snakes and the scent of freshly roasted beans tickling my nose. 54 more words


Quote: God in the Morning

There are two ways of waking up in the morning. One is to say, ‘Good morning, God,’ and the other is to say, ‘Good God, morning!’
Fulton J. Sheen

Deborah Makarios

Waking Kitties Haiku

Four dark cold thirty

Where’s that beeping coming from?

Cats whine for breakfast.


Pursuit of Flight

Timely ending dependence
Blessing fleshling breath
Fathomed by light
Firth, no dirt
No passion here
No face or fear

Complacent on the brink
Of apathy… 41 more words

Meditation on What is Holy

One by one the bricks are laid,

And truth begins to build.

The morning comes when sleep is past.

Forgiveness comes for truth’s deep fast. 74 more words


Talk to Her Review: The Taste of Sleep

If you were having a late summer snooze in some room invaded by rays of egg yolk light and I could sit on a wicker chair next to you and talk to you for hours about Pedro Almodóvar’s 2002 film… 1,359 more words