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Waking Up From Horrible Nightmares At 3:04 For 2 Years

For over 2 years I wake up from my worse/horrible nightmares at 3:04 precisely! Not one minute after not one minute before. Horrible nightmares that I feel so scared, in pain, horrible things. 83 more words

Translucent self

The delineation between waking and sleeping in higher densities is more nebulous. In the fourth density, there is a pureness of mind that exists with an entity going through incarnation which is much more likened to your sleep state in third density in that the mind is less crowded to a fourth density individual and that which is expressed as being comes through brighter because the self is more translucent to the being that exists within all entities, all individualized portions of the Creator in every density.

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full moon

the window can’t stop
the moon’s penetrating stare
luminous alarm

Life on Pause: Still Standing

It’s been pretty much a year since my life took a drastic turn and everything I pretty much ever knew got a total overhaul. I know I have mentioned that already before, but this month, November, will make it a year… 294 more words


3 Activities to Start the Day

It’s Monday morning, the alarm goes off and you groan, rolling over to hit the snooze once (or five times.) ¬†When you finally get out of bed, you realize you have significantly less time than you thought and rush to get ready for your day. 128 more words


See Without Looking

A calm place, a picturesque sunset along the Elbe River. Some moments are really worth to capture it. How time flies. What is need more to close the day. 53 more words


Early Rising

Fingers grapple with cold metal,
Blind in the silence of dark blue,
Eyes barely ready now tremble,
As lamp light floods the room ,
I use to rise with a startling speed, 44 more words