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How Do You React Waking Up From A Nightmare?

Some people scream I guess, but I am only crying… When I wake up trembling I can t even stop, it takes a lot of time to not cry. 16 more words

I feel
as if waking
takes strength that
I seem
to lack since
this me
with quiet
and empty lips,
has no,
no need… 34 more words

When I am Old (revised)

Dedicated to my Mother ~

when i am old i wont do anything
but think
and run my life back and forward
in my mind… 168 more words


The Space In Between

There’s no time so
telling as early dawn,
when silence
and stillness can

breath and take hold;

the hour when dreams
and waking thoughts blur, 17 more words


Little Squirrel

Little squirrel,
tightrope walker
that you are,
your morning chortles
sneak in where
sleep meets waking. My eyes
blink again-
time to rise.



An eyelid opening, sleepy hands stretch and yawn
At the curtain. All will be revealed. Blink now,
Startled by thought. The day begins as light enters. 25 more words