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My morning.

So I went for my walk today. It was a little breezy (understatement) I nearly got blown off the pier but still stunningly beautiful and I only got a little wet, to be fair if I have to get wet whilst walking this is how it should happen. 10 more words


The Watches of the Night


satin smooth,
the slip of minutes.
a thrum of rain, softly.

tumbled from skies,
dreams like the Towey,
slow, meander seawards. 83 more words

All Of It

Early morning,
he’s roasting away the sleep
with sweet syrup, hot coffee;
roasting away the sleep from eyes
rather stuck shut to the
rest of the world, 91 more words


At the Table Language of Feeling

Feeling your unique energy, your authentic voice speaking, is so much more than observing your mood, and watching it morph and meld into and within your world..your moment.It is indeed, being responsible for each intended feeling you set into motion. 286 more words

The World of Imagination

I am interested in how memory and imagination intersect to weave a story. Just as my aunty remembered her father, now I remember mine and can feel his spirit presence in spaces he once occupied physically. 180 more words


An old poem

Here’s an old poem I wrote about waking up in the morning. I don’t know about how other people wake up, but for me it usually takes a few moments of recollection to know what is going on… 56 more words