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Skiing and Swimming Walden Style

A week ago Walden was covered in snow and ice. I had a wonderful Sunday afternoon cross country skiing with a friend through Walden Woods. We stopped to take photos of the sun sparkling through the trees or to discuss which of the myriad of criss crossing tracks we should follow. 331 more words

Walden Pond

Australians at Walden

After yesterday’s snow all trace of them is gone. The prints they made in the sand are covered and soon will be trodden by thick soled boots or sliced by the tracks of skis. 280 more words

Walden Pond

Magic Moments-Dharana

“To live each day as deliberately as nature”

Our lives are so fragmented, so torn by hopes and dreams and unfinished business it is hard to stay centered and be deliberate. 111 more words

A Moments Solace

Hope takes me to Walden. The wish for silence in the midst of the hectic holiday season and a desire to see the swans again. 338 more words

Walden Pond

Walden's Unexpected Visitors

In one of my evening meditations this week the image of water came to me. Like a river flowing through me the word kept appearing in my mind’s eye. 337 more words

Walden Pond

Walking Meditation

This week I tried something different while walking around Walden. Instead of taking photos I focused on staying the moment of listening and watching and sensing what was happening around me. 119 more words

Walden Pond