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Fall Colors... with and without cloud

There is a beauty in the fall and the cooling water which allows the lens in my eye to see things differently.

I am overcome by silence and stillness. 66 more words

Walden Pond

Swimming in Good Company

It’s the last day of September and the first thing I am aware of when I wake is that I don’t hear rain. Strange, I think, given all the weather apps on my phone (all three of them; yes, I admit to being obsessed by the temperature, sunlight, wind strength at this time of year) state 100% chance of rain. 875 more words

Walden Pond

Turtle Tales

The first time I saw a painted turtle it was handed to me in a small shoe box. It was a number of years ago now and I had offered to transport him/her from the Animal Rescue League of Boston (where I volunteer, usually to walk the dogs) to Petco Burlington where it was to be adopted. 903 more words

Walden Pond

Falling In.

It happens on my return across the pond. My arms take on a mind of their own. A rhythm I cannot intrude upon. They become a second pair of lungs. 184 more words

Walden Pond

What is it about walking?

Concord, Massachusetts, the birth place of Henry David Thoreau, is a very civilised place these days. When I travelled there from Boston, I had to go to the nearby Walden Pond, the place Thoreau made famous and where he lived the simple life in a cabin for two years. 131 more words

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Reflections of Summer I

Another languid summer day
As fall approaches fast.
A gentle breeze brushes past
A low pitched murmur,
Punctuated by an occasional screech
or delighted shriek… 87 more words

Walden Pond



by Lesley Sudders

A poster with this Ralph Waldo Emerson quote probably hung in your high school classroom, right? Or maybe it was rotated every day or so with other inspiring adages in hopes we students might ingest these wisdom snacks (stealing a quote from my late friend Chuck) in a subliminal fashion. 401 more words

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