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Poem for Visiting Walden Pond in 2016

Copyright Emily Livingstone 2016

We leave the crowded, paid lot

and migrate with others

in their assorted  groups,

speaking assorted tongues,

across a highway

and down to a rocky beach… 272 more words


Fall Friendships

Fall swimming is one of my favorite times to be in Walden. And although I arrive at the pond with some reservations about the water temperature and am forever watching the overnight minimum temperatures and daily maximums and amount of sun that might grace the skies ..grateful when a cloudy morning peals back her layers to reveal even pastel blue overhead .. 223 more words

Walden Pond

Simplifying Part 3: Mental Clutter

There’s physical clutter and then there’s mental clutter. Henry David Thoreau, in his essay, “Life without Principle,” wrote, “I believe that the mind can be permanently profaned by the habit of attending to trivial things, so that all our thoughts shall be tinged with triviality.”  “We should treat our minds, that is, ourselves, as innocent and ingenious children, whose guardians we are, and be careful what objects and what subjects we thrust on their attention.” 731 more words

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Walden's Other Visitors ... !

He slithered along the sand, about three feet long, emerging from a crack in the stone wall. Later the small crowd of onlooker were told by the DCR ranger that the Northern Water Snake’s family was probably somewhere close by, (that they tend to stay in family groupings.) He was harmless, the ranger told us, though if he bit you with his curved and retracted teeth, they would leave you with a painful reminder of the experience. 181 more words

Walden Pond