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On Thanksgiving Day.

On Thanksgiving Morning I walk the sandy bank that skirts the pond. I am alone. I have come for a time of quiet reflection.

Today I am beyond the want of swimming. 400 more words

Walden Pond

I've been Missing Walden.

Walking down to that sacred, holy place
My step slowed.
My face softened into a smile.
The water…
So blue
So still
Just like I left it… 135 more words

Walden Pond

Tuesday at Walden

This is what I remember.
It was a day where the world wore red and blue. Sky and worn out autumn leaves turned from green to orange to yellow before finally settling red. 339 more words

Walden Pond

Playing Tourist in My Own City

By Natalie

After a long hiatus, Chris and I have decided that we need to get back on track with this blog. When we first started this blog late this summer, we were idealistic about our ability to keep up with it and turn it into the amazing blog we envisioned. 1,167 more words


Reflections in Fluid Thought.

During these last weeks, these last days that I will venture into the cold waters of Walden I become obsessed. At once I feel the frenetic urge to avoid the cold, especially as I sneak one lazy foot out from under the bedcovers after the other, but as I move more into the morning, my cup of coffee waking me and my day beginning to take shape and plan, I start to feel the edge of desire and need to find solace from the rattle of traffic and appointments. 339 more words

Walden Pond

What Happened to Fall?

In the space of a week ……

what happened to Fall, to the sun and her warm glow

and Fall’s rich colors

Walden Pond

The Clash of the Seasons

Nothing feels like such an abrupt assault to the body as a change in weather conditions such as Boston has experienced this past week. From sun and seventy degrees a week ago to gale force winds, rain and forty degrees today… Yet not only the body, but the mind is also reeling… It is not yet November. 453 more words

Walden Pond