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See You Sunday! Bookstore Owners Panel

No one knows the book biz like the people who handle books every day. Come and hear what local bookstore owners have to say about their life behind the counter, in the stacks, reading the industry rags and catalogs catalogs catalogs. 322 more words


Just a moment...on the validity of American Naturalism and the secret lives of their American sons and daughters.

As we get closer to our goal I am reminded of a past where I could chart a course and never thin the payoff. Every reward was fat and handsome. 954 more words


Wandering in Thoreau's Steps (literally)

I’ll get right to it: Concord, Massachusetts, is perhaps one of the most beautiful, verdant, elegant little towns I have ever had the privilege to visit. 512 more words

the urge for a satisfying, 'perfect' picture

Browsing a few years of photos and the collection of my personal “favorites” marked at flickr, there seem to be a few patterns among the pictures that speak most clearly and eloquently to my mind’s eye. 1,220 more words

missing stillness

2+ years in a giant city and today i am severely missing the wide open nothingness of rural America, where there is, blessedly, nothing to do but while away the time watching the grass grow. 60 more words


12 Inches of Ice

It is the ice fishermen that tell me Walden lies under a foot of ice. Despite the fifty degree day, the puddles forming the pond, a thick crust that makes it safe to walk upon, that separates the fish from them, the pond from the sky … 360 more words

Walden Pond

just "be"

I’ve been asking myself questions all day. It all started with “What should I write about?” Simple enough, right? But to answer that, I had to answer another question. 722 more words