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“That man is rich whose pleasures are the cheapest.”
– Henry David Thoreau

Summer began last Friday.

If you will be pedantic and insist that the solstice is still three weeks away, I won’t argue the celestial facts. 1,073 more words

Weather And Seasons

The Season Begins...and so

I wade in among the parents and toddlers who dot the shallows of the main beach. The water is dark, the sun having retreated for the day, and so still I can see its dimpled surface. 602 more words

Walden Pond

Monitoring Temperature Change

Even as I turn out of the driveway I am imagining the rhythm of my body gliding through the water. Yet it is not until later in the day that I speed along Route 2 toward Walden. 829 more words

Walden Pond

A Sunny Saturday @ Lynn Woods Reservation

It is spring time and the security check airport queues are insane. Even though the winter was mild, spring brings a new fresh scent in the air and every one of us wants to get out. 451 more words


Walden, or Walking in a State Nature Preserve

A quick caveat, I have been travelling for a few days now with no access to a computer or laptop, but have been seeing so many wonderful things that I simply had to write about them. 507 more words

New England

Back in the Swim

I had forgotten how good it feels to be in Walden: the power in my arms as I pull through the waves. Yet I do not realize the fullness of this until I have swum the length of the pond. 514 more words

Walden Pond