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Kiki's Delivery Service: Studio Ghibli for Beginners

This journey of mine into Studio Ghibli-dom began my freshman year of college, when I watched Spirited Away for the first time. But more on that later. 346 more words

Movie Reviews

Just a Phase

As a parent, I anticipated my kids going through certain phases related to their interests and/or pop-culture. I mean all kids go through phases and I myself was a little obsessed with He-Man and GI Joe in my younger days. 581 more words

An Application for Flavortown

Given the amount of time I spend looking at employment ads, I think I now qualify as an expert in terms of reading job descriptions. Sometimes I see one and think, “This sounds like it was written especially for me!” which I assume is what happened to the people listed below: 651 more words

I Spy

I knew someone would be tempted!

As a reward, I’ve added some Where’s Waldo images. Go wild! Click on the image to enhance the size. 13 more words

Where Waldo is (or, The science behind why journalists now think there is a science to be had behind everything)

The challenge: You know the drill. Waldo appears in different places in different scenes. There are 68 locations, therefore 68 places.

The simulation: Let’s pretend Waldo is not a guy in a crowd but a dot on a page. 133 more words


How To Successfully Find "Where's Waldo?"

A mathematician has finally figured out the best strategy for finding Waldo in “Where’s Waldo?”.

Remember searching through “Where’s Waldo?” books? Well, MATH will make it WAY easier on YOUR kids. 124 more words


Start up: Apple Pay in the UK?, 10m Chromecasts, the hacker whose cat betrayed him, and more

OK, definitely seen harder than that. Photo by health_bar on Flickr.

A selection of 9 links for you. Do not plant in acidic soil. I’m… 1,965 more words