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Leap Of Faith

I don’t really feel too bad about it.  After all, he’s been in snow before.  You’d think he’d have learned his lesson. 13 more words

Waldo Raises $5 Million For A Photo-Finding Platform Targeting Professional Photographers & Events

Numerous startups over the years have tried to tackle the problem of helping people track down the photos others have taken, but hadn’t yet shared with you. 755 more words


Self Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Critical Reading Answers

Self Reliance


Ralph Waldo Emerson 

1. Respond: Which aspects,  if any, of today’s American culture reflect Emerson’s belief  in self-reliance?

2. (a) Recall: What terms  does Emerson use  to describe society? 161 more words

Nature by Ralph Waldo Emerson


by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Critical Reading Answers


1. Respond: Which of your experiences have made you “glad to the brink of fear”? Explain.
2. (a) Recall: Under what circumstances, according to Emerson, does “mean egotism” vanish? 193 more words

Quote of the day - Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Always do what you are afraid to do.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson from BrilliantQuotes.co.uk

Source: Ralph Waldo Emerson Quotes


The Time Zone Jumper

“Alright, Mr. Waldo. Let’s start with an easy one. Why were you hiding?”

“Who said I was hiding, Detective?”

“You were found in a time zone that you clearly did not belong in. 168 more words

Flash Fiction