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Waldorf Salad

With Honey Crisp Apples and seedless red grapes in our shopping cart it made me think of Waldorf Salad. Instead of using a mayonnaise dressing I made a sauce with cashew nuts. 118 more words


Waldorf salad remix

Chop up

  • 130 g of iceberg lettuce and
  • 20 g of rocket lettuce.


  • 2 quarters of a red apple (100 g) and
  • 80 g of celery into fine slices.
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Deconstructed Waldorf Salad

When I was younger, my family would go out to a certain pizza chain establishment and along with my pizza, I’d order a Waldorf salad. Except that it wasn’t actually a Waldorf salad because it had honey mustard dressing and gorgonzola cheese. 221 more words

The Art of Eating

At one time, it was almost a sin to put a pan of any sort on the table. Back in the past, families sat down to three meals a day, at a table that was set with dishes, glasses and cloth napkins. 598 more words

A Day To Remember

Winter Waldorf Salad

Waldorf salad has always been a favourite of mine. I’m sometimes wary of fruit in savoury things¬†but I love the combination of the crunchy cabbage and celery with the sweet apple and raisins. 563 more words


A sweet little 2 point salad.

This is such an easy salad to whip up quickly. It is a nice change from a traditional green salad. You can bulk it up with more apples and celery if you like without adding any points.   136 more words