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The Lord is Beautiful. He is Magnificent. How can one so Majestic, so Powerful- Extreme and Supreme- be so kind and gentle and tender with me? 998 more words

True Story


Can attitude make or break you? Can attitude help or worsen a situation? I believe that your perception affects everything.

A positive mind is a healthy mind. 105 more words



Things that have been broken cannot be pieced back together and made whole they can only be remade and new. .

I remember dying to be different. 412 more words


Vision 💜

The impression has been engraved I can’t let you go. Such an experience each time I chase you. There must be something Ive gotta know. It’s grace to have this insight praying for you day and night. 15 more words


Being fearless

Being afraid is to be fearful. Fear of what’s unknown binds the hands from grasping, the feet from walking, the mouth from speaking, and the ears from hearing. 784 more words


Selective Speaking

We’ve all heard of selective hearing; we listen to what we want to listen to and disregard the parts that we don’t like or the parts that don’t apply to us. 370 more words

Letting God Fight Your Battles

What’s the biggest battle that you’re fighting right now?

Is it the death of a family member, loss of a job, a broken friendship, or a chronic illness? 1,311 more words

Road To Recovery