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Bathroom Lighting and Ventilation

The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) has developed a punch list of 41 guidelines that range from the essential to the highly recommended. Here are just a few: … 31 more words

Bathroom Design Idea: European Charm

With so many ancient treasures near at hand yet so much that had to be replaced after World War II, Europe evolved a uniquely rich form of transitional style. 37 more words

Bathroom Design Idea: Classic Design

This stunning bathroom design, while equipped with modern conveniences we’ve come to depend on, clearly hearkens back to the elegant, many-layered past. In this bath, neutral colors show how rich and eloquent they can be. 17 more words

Bathroom Design Idea: Low-Key Luxury

From Canton to Copenhagen, white cut with blue (especially intense, mid-tone cobalt or royal blue) has won hearts through the ages. This bathroom design takes the perennially popular pairing to regal new heights with the addition of gold accents.

Bathroom Design Idea: Exploring Style

In home designs, bathrooms are often given low priority. During a remodel, the bathroom may fall by the wayside behind more public spaces like the kitchen. 19 more words

Bathroom Design Idea: Streamlining a Vintage Look

In the baths shown here, white predominates, cloaking all with a clean yet very romantic aura. The only other tones in the room are undemanding neutrals: the tan of a wicker basket; the soft brown of a weathered wood armoire; the deeper, lustrous brown of wood strip flooring.

Make Your Point With Emphasis

Emphasis is the creation of a focal point, a dominant item of interest in an environment. Designers usually counsel clients to find or create a focal point in each room as a first step toward organizing the space attractively. 27 more words