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She Who Walks in Beauty

Something different for you today,
dear Readers.
A recording of my signature poem,
“Walk in Beauty”



Mothering Medusa: Creative Power Acquisition for the Edgy

Turn Toward Time

Today I drove down the driveway watching thin, wispy clouds float over the desert make dark saturated patches. I knew the freshly washed and re-blackened tires were now orangey brown ruining the cool, crisp look the silver paint job on my mustang gave the car. 603 more words

Limit Experience

I choose the path of the heart

To be conscious; to be fully engaged in the moment, this moment.  This is the cry from my heart.  To live from the heart, not refusing to acknowledge the head, acknowledging its help and necessity yet not allowing the head to rule. 358 more words


Infinite Within Finite

The Infinite is within the finite. It may be hard to believe or have a belief that this could be so. A human body, truly a mysterious and wonderful entity, does die. 303 more words


In the Cave of Our Ancestors

Upon our broken land, Ancestors,
we ask for your return
that we may be the hollow bones
to bear and tender your healing.
May we walk in beauty upon our land.

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