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walking purely

I remember like it yesterday. The doors in the back of the church swung open wide and there walked in my bride. She was bright eyed and blazing in her white gown. 914 more words


"I'm Transformed,"

the man beamed. We met in a supermarket and talked about following the Lord Jesus.  He was a resident with Teen Challenge.  I hope to articulate more strongly what Jesus has done for me. 78 more words

God's Word



Shelby G. Floyd

The Bible teaches that God is light and in him there is no darkness at all (1 John 1:5). God is the one who created the light in the beginning and he said it is good (Genesis 1:3-4). 396 more words


Pitch Black

One evening when activities were over it was time to climb back up the ridge to our campsite. I realized I did not have my flashlight. 269 more words


John 11 Going With Jesus

Those who are in the midst of suffering do not know that how it relates to God.

  • Is it possible that a trial I am going through is for the glory of God?
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