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A Walk on the Wild Side - Jacqueline George #article #erotic #romance #adult

Sometimes when I am reading books set fifty years ago or more, I have to stop and wonder about sex. How did they manage? Rock music and The Pill – what a revolution they caused. 1,335 more words


Transformer by Lou Reed (Album, 1972)

The classic, much adorned and beloved cover art of Lou Reed’s second solo album is a fair indication of the quality within. Following the quiet revolution of his work with the Velvet Underground, Lou Reed entered the studio in 1972 with a co-producer who had been greatly moved by the avant-garde sway of Reed’s former band: David Bowie. 193 more words


Walk on the wild side, LOL

Take a walk on the wild side, LOL

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A slightly more serious blog at lorieb.com  includes articles on the things I am most passionate about, such as health & wellness, current events, my wheat allergy, relationships, parenting and more.   43 more words


376. Precision Dawdling

The Nation met this morning and inspired me as usual to chronicle this meaningless meeting of human mediocrity. Let me first say that tomorrow is my 60th birthday and the fellas knew it. 1,055 more words

Non Sequitura

Wild Belfast - Cregagh Glen

Our home is fairly close to Cregagh Glen but despite having heard many good reports about how pretty it is we had never ventured there. Following my blog post earlier this week about walking the school run whatever the weather we decided to apply that same principle of getting out whatever the weather to our weekends as well.  241 more words

Walk on the Wild Side - Sour Brewing (Overview)

This is the first of our lecture series on sour beer brewing. Here we give an overview of the sour brewing process, looking into the basics of brewing wild beers and how it differs from clean brewing. 12 more words


Nighttime, bedtime...

After a day of writing random stuff and revamping my blog, I’m now going to go to bed. I crave to continue with scribbling, but I need sleep (mainly because I have an early – well, earlier – morning start tomorrow). 37 more words