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Wild Belfast - Cregagh Glen

Our home is fairly close to Cregagh Glen but despite having heard many good reports about how pretty it is we had never ventured there. Following my blog post earlier this week about walking the school run whatever the weather we decided to apply that same principle of getting out whatever the weather to our weekends as well.  241 more words

Walk on the Wild Side - Sour Brewing (Overview)

This is the first of our lecture series on sour beer brewing. Here we give an overview of the sour brewing process, looking into the basics of brewing wild beers and how it differs from clean brewing. 12 more words


Music Friday #25: "Walk on the Wild Side" by Lou Reed

Hello again!

As many of you may know, David Bowie died this week a couple days after releasing his latest album, Blackstar. I felt a piece of childhood rise into my conscious memory again. 532 more words

Nighttime, bedtime...

After a day of writing random stuff and revamping my blog, I’m now going to go to bed. I crave to continue with scribbling, but I need sleep (mainly because I have an early – well, earlier – morning start tomorrow). 37 more words


Things you couldn't say on the Radio

The random access butterfly of memory has flapped its wings again, stirring up another remembrance of times past. Gather round me, my children, whilst I relate to you another tale of when things were Not As They Are Now. 1,541 more words

Soundtrack Of A Lifetime