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You can't buy this art

During a short walk along the canal between Fenny Stratford & Simpson, I spotted this under a bridge. I found the artwork or graffiti depending on your choice of how you perceive an image, quite fascinating. 91 more words

Mitch Hicks

Monday Vibes...

Life is a journey, so put on your wellies, jump in puddles and explore what’s out there…




I left the house in a hurry today, and in that rush, forgot to bring my headphones and a book to read on the train. The train was packed today, standing room only, so I would not have been able to read anyway. 475 more words

Winter Wolseley Walks: Winnipeg, Manitoba

The naked trees with their shiny belts. Clouds of breath and dog footprints. The neighbourhood as we see it most.

The prairies are cold. Dry, and cold. 9 more words

Nature Walk in the Bogs

I woke up this morning feeling fresh and alive which is a rare occurrence for me lately. Decided to drag Doug and London out for a walk in the bogs. 37 more words


WEEKLY BLOG #5- Bring on the spring weather

Hello everyone, what a busy week it has been! I don’t know about you, but I am enjoying watching the evenings become so much lighter and seeing the sun rise in the morning. 830 more words



Midwestern winters in the United states are the kind I know. Some complain about it, joke about it, say winter was made to escape and generally dread it once January 2 arrives. 364 more words