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Trump's Persona Patterned On Some Christopher Walken Character?

just realized, Trumps entire persona, his personality, his “resting Douchebag Face”, is a bad impression of Christopher Walken…. sorry Mr Walken, truly, I am a great admirer of your work… but its true… it is a really bad Christopher Walken impression… Like Trump obsessively watched Walken in something, early on in his Face full o’ coke days… gave him a scary persona to use, his White Pasty, “Tony Montana”…. 76 more words

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Sunday Meditations

I am not sure if he really said this. However, it is a fantastic thing to keep in mind. If you feel drained look at who is taking all your energy and make sure you are recharging to full.

Deep Thoughts

Week 14


Brainstorm- At some point, actors can become parodies of themselves. Pacino, Nicholson, Freeman and DeNiro are all really doing the impersonations that others do because their visage and beats are iconic. 1,050 more words

Juicy Awards V- Walken's Wild One Winner


Congratulations to “Allied” for being 2018’s Walken’s Wild One!


Playlist For 01-21-18

WALKEN Unomi Jan 21, 2018 10:09 PM The Land Below Made For You (Single) Jan 21, 2018 10:05 PM The Karmanauts 51 more words
WXRY Unsigned Playlist

Womit starten?

Sport, Ernährung, Familie, Job.

4 Ziele für das Jahr 2018 – 4 Jahresziele.

Was soll sich konkret ändern?

  1. Sport : Vom Walken zum Fitnessläufer
  2. Ernärung: HIT im Griff, TCM beachten, 16/8, Zielgewicht erreichen…
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WALKEN - " Unomi "

This Aussie rock act is uninterested in fitting in. Their sound is progressive and fresh, while still being accessible to the masses. On “Unomi”, we find a band who knows what the Arctic Monkeys… 86 more words