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Walker Recall: County Cumulative Vote Shares by Increasing Unit/Ward Size

Walker Recall: County Cumulative Vote Shares by Increasing Unit/Ward Size

Richard Charnin
Updated: Oct.28, 2013

This is a cumulative vote trend analysis of the Walker Recall by increasing unit/ward vote counts. 356 more words

2011 Wisconsin Supreme Court & Recall Elections

A Step Backward - Walker Recall Edition

If you are a Wisconsin resident, and you understand that Scott Walker had to be recalled, and you did not show up at the polls, then you are my enemy.

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In Politics, Being Right Isn't Always Right

Politics is the art of the possible – Otto von Bismarck

Clearly, ole’ Otto was a product of his time, not ours. In this day and age, politics is the art of sticking to your guns and hoping that 50.1% of the people you can get away from their televisions long enough to vote hate you less than they hate the other side.

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David Simon Cowell

Walker Win is a Win for America

There was a time in American history when unions played a pivotal role in advancing the industrial revolution and protecting the people who served laboriously to advance the future of our country and economy. 356 more words

News And Politics

This Wi$con$in Hangover

There has been a real bender over in Wisconsin. The beginning was wonderful—activists gathered more than 900,000 signatures to put a recall on the ballot—but as it progressed, things got worse and worse: many news outlets report that 1 in 3 people in Wisconsin have stopped talking politics to a friend or family member due to the recall; money flooded the state from outside its borders—overwhelmingly to Walker—thus igniting a negative and nasty propaganda campaign; Labor was nonsensically demonized to the vast majority of those Wisconsinites completely ignorant of what a Union actually is; the Obama reelection campaign and the DNC put their own interests ahead of a local people-power struggle (there’s a real shocker); and, worse than any of the above, the conversation stopped for so many. 1,544 more words

Elections and Oppression

Depending on which side of the American political divide you fall, you were either happy or sad about the outcome of yesterday’s recall election in Wisconsin.  521 more words

Snoozefest for the Left: Jessie Jackson in Racine

Snoozefest for the Left: Jessie Jackson in Racine

I got the word at about 6:50pm last night that Jessie Jackson was going to be speaking in Racine, WI in 10 minutes to fire up the base for the Walker Recall. 628 more words

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