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Joan of Arc: a first for London

The nave in the church of St Joan of Arc (c.2000), Highbury, London

St Joan of Arc church in Highbury, London (n.d.) from a parsih publication of 2013… 603 more words


Walker says raising fees an option to boost transportation funding

Gov. Walker says he is still against raising the gas tax, but did not rule out raising fees to cut into Wisconsin’s nearly $1 billion transportation deficit in an interview Thursday. 23 more words

Walker open to modifying who gets private school tax benefits

Gov. Walker is open to amending the recipient rules of a private school tuition tax benefit, two-thirds of which is going to families making more than $100,000 a year, though he isn’t seeking any particular changes himself.  >  Wisconsin State Journal

Walker not on board to penalize school districts raising their own money

Gov. Scott Walker said Thursday he does not want to penalize school districts that increase operating revenues through referendum votes, putting him at odds with some Republican lawmakers who put forth that proposal last month.  >  WKOW Madison

Are baby walkers safe?

Popular brand names:

  • Bright Starts
  • Babymoov
  • Chicco
  • Fisher Price

Generic name: Baby walker.

Can you make it? No.





Ethical concerns?

Try and ensure your company sources its elements ethically. 139 more words