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At Walker event to tout K-12 funding bill, local educators push back

Reporters weren’t the only ones to show up for Gov. Walker’s press conference on K-12 funding in Holmen Thursday. More than a dozen local educators brought up their own points, with signs reading “All our children deserve funding every year, not just campaign years!” and “Put voucher schools to a state vote.” > La Crosse Tribune

Walker's tax scam for manufacturers

Why do business lobbyists and Republican politicians constantly claim that tax breaks for the rich create jobs when no evidence exists that this is true? Recent news reports reveal that Gov. 19 more words

Letter writer predicts Walker ad that uses naked bike ride against Soglin

Madison man writes to the editor: “I’m prepared to wager that the content of Gov. Walker’s first statewide television campaign ad will contain video clips of the naked bike ride interspersed with clips of children on a playground and parishioners leaving church.” >  8 more words

Anthem is big Wisconsin GOP booster

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, which just announced it will stop selling health insurance in nearly all Wisconsin marketplaces created by Obamacare, is a big supporter of the Wisconsin GOP.  25 more words

Senate Republicans propose more borrowing for roads, Assembly Republicans push back

A spokeswoman announced Wednesday that Sen. Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald supports borrowing $850 million for roads in the next budget, or $350 million more than Gov. 28 more words

Records show minuscule registered support for Walker's drug testing plan

An Associated Press review has found that Gov. Walker’s proposal to drug-test Medicaid recipients and increase premiums on poor people drew five fully positive comments out of more than 1,000 submitted by the public, with one of the five coming from his own lieutenant governor. 6 more words


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