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22 Years of Books

So I recently had a birthday. I’m now 22 years old, so I’ve decided to try something special to commemorate this occasion. I shall attempt to list my favorite book from each year I was alive on this earth. 619 more words


"I Never Forgot!" Issue 4, Page 9-10

“I Never Forgot!” Issue 4, Page 9-10

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Just Die Already: How the #deadnotdead "twist" has ruined every good show on TV

Did America’s television writers go on strike again and not tell us? It wasn’t that long ago that I was writing about how all the best stories right now are being told on TV, but after this season, I may have to backtrack on that. 2,089 more words

Can You Diglett Game 4 - Interview with Dolche

We just suffered our first loss of the season. How will you cope?

I don’t like losing so I won’t cope. I’ll let this feeling marinate and won’t do it again. 942 more words


Fear The Walking Dead S.2 E.4

This past Sunday’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead, was somewhat better than the previous episodes, we saw more action and confrontation between survivors which we haven’t seen since before they left L.A, we saw a bit on the island with the small family but it was not as good as this past episode. 459 more words

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I see dead people

Are you one of the walking dead? A great post here by a new blogging friend Caroline Smith. Blessings and enjoy!

I grew up in a funeral home, where on any given day maybe 12 feet away from where my siblings and I were eating, watching TV, doing homework, or arguing about whose turn it was to do whatever, a dead body lay. 160 more words

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