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Tovah Feldshuh loved being part of The Walking Dead.  She talked as though she would remain a part of the show, so Scott Gimple felt it necessary to let Feldshuh know about the plans for her character. 91 more words


Walking Dead Midseason Finale

I thought it was one of the top Walking Dead episodes I’ve seen thus far.

I do wonder though – if escaping the walkers is as easy as whipping on a zombie guts poncho, why don’t they just always have zombie guts soaked ponchos on standby to throw on in the event of a zombie attack?

What did you think, 3.5 readers?


The Walking Dead: Season 6

After Season 5, which was so much fun, and with the promise of a spin-off, ‘Fear the Walking Dead,’ I decided to start blogging on the show. 91 more words

Walking Dead

The Walking Dead – Start to Finish

by Thom Yee

6×08: “Start to Finish”

For a variety of reasons, The Walking Dead can be a tough show to judge objectively. It’s really popular, there are a lot of things going on at once, some of which you might love and some of which you’ll just as easily hate, it’s not a situation most of us can fundamentally relate to (at least not at this extreme a level), and as a prestige-format specialty cable series, it runs on a shortened schedule that doesn’t stick around all year like most 22-24-episode shows on the major networks. 1,359 more words


Walking Dead 6.8: "Start To Finish"

*Spoiler warning: in this day and age people act like there’s a show spoiler around every tree corner, and here we have quite a few ahead of us.* 681 more words

Television Critique

The Walking Dead's Midseason Finale Was a Letdown (Spoilers)

There we have it, Walking Dead fans – another midseason in the books. This time, though, the break just doesn’t feel right. Nothing was really resolved, and nothing exciting really happened. 1,310 more words


Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale ... TWD Season Finale Preview: Negan Arrives!

On last night’s The Walking Dead mid-season finale…The longest ever recording of TinyTim’s “TiptoeThroughTheTulips” played annoyingly through the episode.

  • Zombie hordes were let loose after the Alexandria watchtower fell.
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