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walking through glass
without any shoes
the pains of life
I’m still alive 150 more words


Them Bones

Harker Dawes asleep was certainly no prettier or better looking asleep than he was when he was awake.  You know how people will say about a demonically possessed child that causes chaos and havoc and dread in the lives of the people who gave life to him, “He looks like such an angel when he’s sleeping”?  1,198 more words


Just when I thought we finally had our first case (and one I could actually help with! ) our very first client ends up dead. 60 more words

Kono's Blog

I bet Norman sure plays a mean pinball.

Skatz: All I know is that Norman makes me wish I was a deaf, dumb and blind kid when he’s around.

@infinitycrates May box opening loss theme

So, Mays infinity crate just arrived cancelling my planned trip to the post office as I had to tear it open right away. This months theme was Loss, so I expect batman to figure prominently. 189 more words

Hobby Projects

Why I Teach The Walking Dead in My Native Studies Classes

by Cutcha Risling Baldy

So a friend of mine wrote me a message on Facebook that went a little like this:

Question: how the heck do you get through to someone that thinks natives need to just get over it?

2,308 more words

Friends With Shadows - Chapter 7 - (CONTINUED!)

Writer’s Note: Who is this guy? What kind of club has a big ol’ opal ring? What is this? Lingering questions, my dear readers, but all will be answered in due time. 481 more words

Friends With Shadows