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HPH - The Settlement Offer | 400 Days DLC #39

We quickly play as Russell and where he meets the man from the truck during our first episode of 400 Days.
We also meet a women who offers us a sanctuary where we can live with others and be protected. 175 more words


HPH - Bonnie | The Walking Dead | 400 Days DLC #38

We now focus on Bonnie, a former drug abuser who got helped out by a married couple. Though, as time passed it seems the husband wanted to get to know her even more. 184 more words


This Weekend in Boston

Walker Stalker Boston on the 19th and 20th

Walker Stalker Con RETURNS for Year FOUR! The BIGGEST Zombie, Horror & Sci-Fi Convention in the WORLD is bringing your favorites from The Walking Dead…and more? 166 more words


Vince | The Walking Dead | 400 Days DLC #37

We play as Vince, and what we think will be a fun loving guy, ends up being some murderer which we now have to deal with as a zombie outbreak breaks out on a prison bus. 171 more words

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Vatos Deleted Scene

Vatos Deleted Scene, The Walking Dead.

Season 2, After they flee the CDC, they think they can go to the hideout of their former enemies and maybe now friends, the Vatos who are hiding in a relatively secure “old folks home”. 92 more words

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HPH - Shel | The Walking Dead | 400 Days DLC #36

We continue with The Walking Dead 400 days DLC and play as a caring sister Shel. Who tries her best to make sure her little sister Becca is always protected and never faced with a challenging decision. 182 more words

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Walking Dead Artist Shares His Version of Glenn’s Death

Comic book artist, Tony Moore, who is the original artist for The Walking Dead comics has shared his version of Glenn’s death in the 100th issue of the comics. 6 more words

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