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Abby Relaxing This Weekend

In the majority of pictures I post, you see Abby working, but does she ever take some time off?  Yes, she does and I have plenty of pictures to prove that. 55 more words


Abby + Backpack = Good Girl

Abby is 2 1/2 years old and what I’ve found out is that she does well when she wears a backpack because it gives her a job to do, carrying things, while she exercises, and as a result she seems to be more relaxed.  121 more words


Abby in Salem, MA

Since Nina, one of Abby’s friends, believes that there are ghosts in Stoughton, MA, Abby decided to take a trip to Salem, MA and see if she could find some witches.  176 more words


Walking Dog Services in Thorney Village

I would like to offer my best support for my local community and inform about new services in our Village…

This blog will contain a lot of information about my work as a dog walker in Thorney area and about my best support for my local community. 277 more words


Monday Mischief: Working on the Chain Gang

Charles loves Louise. If she sniffs something, he sniffs it. If she pees on it, he has to pee on it. He follows her so closely sometimes that it bothers me, because he fits perfectly under her torso which freaks her out, and because he doesn’t move when she is peeing, which grosses me out. 327 more words


Are There Ghosts In Stoughton, MA?

Nina, the cutie pie on the left, comes to hang out with Abby sometimes, and walks are always on Abby’s schedule.  Today we had some rain so we took a late morning walk. 131 more words


My Hard Working Abby

Were you wondering what Abby was up to this morning?  My hard working girl was walking this gorgeous pit bull, Champagne, and they were both gracious enough to pose for this picture.  78 more words