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#FitbitTheOwl – The Perimeter Walk

After six months of a fairly dedicated try at a vegan diet, Vinny Sal and I have relented to our doctor’s orders to add some animal protein back into our diet because of prevailing health conditions. 1,624 more words



We have been in Arizona since the end of April and in our house since May 11th. We knew from the get-go(I have been dying to use that term since I heard it a few days ago), that there would be several things that we would need to change about us that would help us “fit in” here. 652 more words

Daily Thoughts

Summer Safety Tips For Walking Your Dog

When I lived in Maryland, I would wake up early, around 6am, to walk my dogs every single day.  Once I moved to Massachusetts, I was able to walk my dog a bit later, around 8am, but even like that I always have to remember the following: 234 more words


Dog Behavior And Walking Your Dog

When I do a consultation, the first thing I want is for the pet parent to tell me what issues his dog is exhibiting and what is it that they want to accomplish.  307 more words



I came across an article in the news today about extreme heat in Phoenix Arizona USA.

The Phoenix Parks and Recreation board on Thursday rejected a proposal to ban hiking in extreme heat but did approve banning dogs from the city’s 41 trailheads when the temperature reaches 100 degrees and above… 26 more words


Seminar in Plymouth, MA

Yesterday, I conducted a seminar in Plymouth, MA and we were able to do some sightseeing prior to it.  This was my first time in this area and it was beautiful to say the least. 166 more words


Learning to live in the desert in the summer

Ninety-nine degrees at 9pm just isn’t fun.

I’m spending the summer living in Sun City, Arizona to help out my mother as she recovers from valley fever. 357 more words

Valley Fever