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Walkin' the 'hood

I hardly ever walk my dogs around my neighborhood. Not that it’s not a nice place and all, but because I just prefer to take them out and about where there are more trees, more grass, apparently more critters, and definitely fewer people and cars. 1,098 more words

Wrestling As Exercise

What did I do for exercise this morning, you ask?  I wrestled and pulled and pushed.  I didn’t want to.  It wasn’t voluntary.  It was a husky production. 271 more words

Operation Free The Humans! "Are You Chained to Walkies?"

Is your life dictated by “got to get home to let the dogs out” or “got to get home to walk the dogs”? 

Do your dogs have to wait endless hours, cross-legged….
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Wagadilly General Store: Dog Supplies

The ups and downs of dog walking

I walk to the neighbor’s house in the morning. The dog wolfs down the kibble I scoop into her bowl and then she’s at the door, whining and looking over her shoulder at me. 385 more words

9-7-15 Monday Word Count

Got woken up a bit after 5 Sunday morning and had to drive to the next town over to pick up the kid from his night shift job. 505 more words

Sunday Word Count

Good Afternoon! The art of waving at your neighbors with a bag filled with poop

I like when my neighbors are out of town; their absence means I get to walk their dog.

This responsibility not only reminds me why I don’t own a dog myself, it gets me out of the house several times a day and gives me more to do while wandering around the neighborhood than feel irritated at the lush, green lawns, which are evidence that the city is clearly not enforcing the watering ban. 215 more words