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The Deadfall

The boys and I explore a massive root system from a deadfall. Mak is so camouflaged you can barely make him out just in front of me. April, 2017


Feeling Hungry

Mak whispers that he needs a snack. June, 2010


How 'Bout...

…we find some ticks? Mak & Ty push through tall grass on a camping trip. June, 2009


Life On A Leash

Sam’s best friend and confidant, Mason, is moving. His human owners bought a condo and in just a few days they’ll leave their little apartment here at the farm and head to the city. 440 more words

Small Talk About Sam

Another (p)update

So today we had the majority of our remaining pups jabbed for a second time. Now we can finally start getting them lead trained, socialised and worn out! 72 more words


Abby Went to Harvard

Who said Harvard is only for humans?  We took Abby this past weekend to Harvard to walk, do some sightseeing, take pictures and, of course, continue working on her commands and behavior.  131 more words


On leash or not - have your say about new dog-walking bylaws

If you’re a member of our Facebook group, you’ll know by now that the City has caused quite a stir in our neck of the woods by suggesting that dogs should be on a leash on the Alphen trail and a few other green-belt areas. 441 more words