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cool august mornings


to me there is nothing better than waking up in the summer time and throwing on a sweater. maybe i just love sweaters too much, or maybe i’m just a tried and true new englander. 227 more words


Week 2- a walk in the park

The end of the week 2- have been walking in the park 4 out of 5 days during my lunch hour. It’s hot as hell but I don’t mind too much. 237 more words


Put Down the Blob, Stop Thinking -- And Walk!

photo by asher isbrucker (creative commons)

Noted in both the Washington Post and the New York Times this morning, research just out (Monday) suggests that walking in nature helps reduce rumination (brooding, obsessing over unsolvable problems). 187 more words


Have Two Words For You

Restore and Resonate…both linked, rubbing up against the other like lovers or at the very least, good friends.  They dance together.

I was taking a stroll with a friend who said, walking in nature really… 180 more words


Geese are a Dabbling One, Two, Three..

Natures Garden is what  I have been exploring recently, as I went for a day out at a local beauty spot only a 20 minute drive away to… 403 more words


early summer


what happened to spring? summer seemed to arrive quick this year. it’s hard to grasp the days between when the snow melted and the heat and bugs arrived. 452 more words

New Hampshire

D'Estrees stroll

I’m recovering today after our planned 3-4 hour walk along D’Estrees Bay turned into an 8-hour marathon.

But what a glorious day – calm weather, … 83 more words

Kangaroo Island