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Funny how the weather can affect my body. My mind is delighted with the bright sunshine. My physical body is voicing its displeasure. The whole of me hurts as if I’m being fried alive. 306 more words

Walking the dog

I read there was terrible in the northwest. These reports seem surreal to me as I stare out the window onto a clear sunlight sky. Today the temperatures creep slowly back to March norms of 20-25C (upper 60s to mid-70s F).   394 more words

Walking The Dog

SoCS — Don’t Worry I’m Fine

“Are you okay?” the woman asked me as I was sprawled out, face down on the sidewalk.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I said, although I actually wasn’t fine at all. 249 more words

Flash Fiction

Note Number 53...Feed the Birds...It's all About the Snow...And Ice...

Fed up with twitter, Facebook and Instagram with nothing but #snow #ice #weather? Me too. But…I had to jump on the bandwagon.

I took the dog in the field this morning but it was like a frozen lake…she could only slip about even though she was trying to run. 184 more words


That moment

When you take the dog out and he is so excited he starts pulling you and its very icy and you go arse over tit and the dog just stares as you thinking what the hell as happened. 30 more words


Winter Storm Warnings

The forecast is looking kind of dim. Meteorologists are calling for heavy, sustained rain on eight of the next ten days. In fact, they’re reporting that “winter’s biggest storm to date” is bearing down on the area. 146 more words