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I Wish I was My Dog ...

One good reason is that he gets me for an owner but the real reason I would love to be my dog is the fact that he seems able to forget the horrid things in his life. 502 more words


Little Snake

Walking Johnny one day and we came upon a little snake. I don’t know if it was a rattler or not. I picked up John so he wouldn’t see it. 65 more words

Walks With John

Counting Johnny's Feet Wipes

Walking Johnny this morning and counted how many times he wiped his feet. Not sure why he does it….

Walks With John

Bearly hanging out

I’m really glad it wasn’t a real bear that Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle and I stumbled across during yesterday’s leisurely walk around the blocks surrounding the Little Bitty in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood. 147 more words


Very simple...walk!

‘It is solved by walking!’

Walking companions, like heroes, are to difficult to pluck out of the crowd of acquaintances.  Good dispositions, ready wit, friendly conversation serve well enough by the fireside but they prove insufficient in the field.   41 more words


They see me rollin'...

After almost 10 days of not going outside, I was close to clawing up the walls. So, Mum offered to take me out for a spin this afternoon, and my new set of wheels was kindly donated by a local couple, who thought it’d be handy for me to use to get out and about. 468 more words