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First impressions of Venice

Letter 67

Venice, a winding labyrinth of emerald canals and pastel buildings sitting on 118 islands connected by 400 foot bridges. A city where getting lost is mandatory and finding a view is inevitable. 767 more words


Winter in Middle Europe (part 3)

24 December 2016

We woke up early on Christmas Eve, as we had a train to catch to Prague from Kraków. Actually, it was a combination of bus and train, as the first part of the trip, from Kraków to Ostrava (just after the Czech border) was by bus and the rest of the trip to Prague was by train. 3,098 more words


Number 24: Walk the High Line

The High Line Park, what was once a rail line is now a cool garden and walking path. Walking the line takes you through the West Side’s Meatpacking District and Chelsea, both very nice neighborhoods so feel free to stop off for some shopping or food. 110 more words


Brooklyn's Colourful Streets

As you arrive into Bushwick, a working class borough of the eclectic New York City; there’s an ambience about it that tells you this area once saw deprivation. 466 more words

"When it's three o'clock in New York, it's still 1938 in London."

Hey y’all!

So, this past weekend I finally made my way to London! A few years back (I think it was in 2013 (?)), I stopped by London for a 10 hours transit and met up with a friend and just walked around all over town. 371 more words


Old & Bold San Juan


It is late(ish) here, and I am beat. (Spending all day on your feet will do that to you!) Nevertheless, I’ll do my best to write up an account of today before I zonk. 513 more words


Visiting Venice, Italy on a Budget - Enjoy The Adventure

Venice isn’t always top of the list for backpackers or people on a budget as it is pretty expensive. This post will give you some tips on how to save money and what there is to see in Venice.

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