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By Bethann Gonzalez
May 14, 2015

Shine on!
The goodness of God!

Go on and shine on!
Let nothing stop you.
Let no words form against you! 97 more words

TWEAK ME, (Every Idle Word)

Tweak Me (Every Idle Word)
February 14, 2014

A Life of Tweaking
In the process of professional music recording, the work must go through many tweakings. 2,398 more words

Walking With Jesus Christ


I can’t leave this blog without proclaiming, with great joy, the marvelous saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and His work in the life of my husband. 93 more words

Born Again

My Paralyzing Fear and My Little Faith- How Big IS God? Is He really still there?

So here’s the real test for me now.He’s out of jail, I don’t know where he is and have no way to find out and it will be this way for the rest of my life, and his. 159 more words

Born Again

Lord please help me

to stay faithful to You

when I’m not getting my way,

when things aren’t working out like I planned.

And please remind me

in the midst of my selfishness, 18 more words

Born Again

Spirit of Heaviness

It took me a few hours of agitation this morning( always a lingering after effect when  the abuse/court/he might get out today cycle comes again) but I finally listened to the Holy Spirit, the precious Helper,and now I’m in perfect peace again.Praise God. 49 more words

Born Again