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Spending Quality Time with Mom

Today’s blessing was actually something Mom and I do nearly every day anyway, but today I actually cherished it and took it for something that I will not get to do forever. 150 more words

Walking the Street with Mom

Sometimes it might seem as though I’m completely¬†obsessed with the past, but that’s really not the case. Most of the time, except in the dead of night when I’m performing backflips trying to sleep, I’m pretty much in the present, and a constant observer of whatever’s going on…”a little busy body” as my beloved¬†aunt used to say when I was five. 349 more words

From 'My Split Level Life'

Early Morning Walk With Mom

Happy Friday!¬† Well, I won’t have a picture to show you of what my blog is about today because my walk with Mom was IN THE DARK! 449 more words

Life With Cats

When Things Are Going Great...

When things are going great, do you remember to thank God and rejoice with Him and Jesus? Or do you simply forget about Them until you need something? 305 more words

walking with mom

there is peace

in walking with mom

because when she stands at your side

there is nowhere else in the world you need to go… 8 more words