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{Fitness Friday} Lent

What does Lent have to do with fitness?

That’s a good question.

Lent is typically used to ‘give up’ or to ‘fast from’ something. You could also add something to your life for that time. 284 more words


As you Walk

As you walk along

Tapping your feet on the ground

Can you feel the vibration?

Earth awakens to your calling

Every step is registered by the universe… 62 more words


Walk in the hood

Cameron the bike rider, Cooper the resting dog, caballos the free-roaming and photo amateur with legs.

And this guy.

Passing By

Overcoming Insecurity

For some, the mere thought of looking in the mirror, or having their photograph taken can be overwhelming and cause a flurry of paranoid thoughts. I was, and to some extent still am, one of these people. 22 more words


Why You Should Go for a Fucking Walk

As I walked along the streets of Austin trying to catch my breath after a rigorous spin class last night, I realized something. This city is pretty fucking awesome. 244 more words


"A Punch of Colour"

11 February 2016 – I use that phrase a lot, to introduce an image with a vivid focal point. Never more accurately than right now. It greets us high on Roncesvalles, early in this week’s outing by the Tuesday Walking Society. 390 more words