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Fun photos of colorful art on Little Italy's streets.

I frequently walk through Little Italy, a lively neighborhood in the north part of downtown San Diego. Here are some photos of fun, colorful artwork that I’ve taken from the sidewalk during the last few months! 115 more words

Seoul: The Last Fling (Avec Trois Musketeers)

This is a short post as I’m in the throes of concluding my three years in SK prior to my March 10th Departure for China. We did have a holiday to bear before I left and so the three musketeers and I headed to Seoul for a last few days. 138 more words


The University of Texas Tower III

For some reason, on the way to the Museum this afternoon, I decided to crawl around in the damp grass and take photos of the University of Texas Tower. :-)


Not feeling great

I’ve felt off all day. My cheek area above where my teeth were pulled is bothering me. But it could just be sinus and when the barometric pressure changes I always get a headache. 108 more words

3 Weeks until Spring, but will it be any warmer?

I’ve been longing all Winter for Spring to come. But, now that it is right around the corner, the weather prognosticators are say we are about to experience another cold front with more ice and snow! 257 more words

Working the Plan

Day 202 in my quest to meet up with Mickey at the Magic Kingdom in October

Today’s plan: 1) work on turning from my former isolationist ways AND 2) be a bit more physically active. 207 more words

Into The Woods

A couple of times last week we had open house, with the kids inviting various friends around. Thursday was one of those days. I got out quite late and had another short zig-zag around a few local spots. 732 more words