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The beachcomber

I have never been a beachcomber as some would describe or imagine the activity to be though whenever I am on the beach I do keep a sharp eye for anything that might be interesting. 385 more words


Walking the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco - A Photoessay

What is it about walking across iconic bridges that makes me want to push these experiences to the top of my bucket list?  Is it the inviting, jaw dropping pictures that are omnipresent across social media?   272 more words


This day is going firmly in the win column

TFW you are fully justified in finishing off a bottle of Scotch just so My Fitness Pal doesn’t yell at you for taking in too few calories. 22 more words


Unexpected Life Lesson

Most of you have probably noticed an apparent ‘sudden change’ in my blog posts recently. I’m talking less about ‘inner’ work, and more about ‘outer work’. 659 more words


What's With The Stupidity?

It was a friday afternoon. I woke up very late, around 2 pm. I have even set an alarm for that. Funny, I know. It was a friday. 2,242 more words


Beijing Old City Wall

Like many Chinese cities, Beijing was once protected by a city wall. Time and development however have destroyed most of it, but there is a small remaining section in a small park by the Beijing Railway Station. 127 more words