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Walking Barefoot Through the Sands of Time

Walking barefoot through the sands of time,

I visit old edifices, machines of past lives that once seemed so daunting,

that are now rusted and falling back into the earth. 88 more words


Lose the Tude and Get Back to Happy

I confess…sometimes I can diligently and mindfully “self-help” myself all day long and my state of happiness goes to hell in a hand-basket by the time I walk through the door at night. 482 more words


Down By The River

Spaziergänge an den Rändern des Tages fernab vom Lärm des Tages. Wie die Zeit vergeht. Das Zitat von Auden vor Augen. Beim Bearbeiten des Fotos lief zudem Louis Armstrong´s Bond-Song “We Have All Time In The World” im Radio. 71 more words



Where will the future lead us?
Many times all or part depend on
the gap you cross
which leads us to that other unknown side. 39 more words


A Test of Endurance at Fort Benning, GA: Operation Endurance 24 Hour Race – March 25, 2017

Wow, this was quite a great weekend on so many levels. It was my first attempt to do 70 miles in an ultra for this year, the first step in my goal of completing 70 miles in 7 ultras in honor of reaching 70 years of age in 2017. 1,273 more words


Wandering Down the Path

I stand at the beginning of the path. The yellow brick road turned green and muddy. What will I find? I hear frogs already. It’s only March. 1,140 more words

The Peak Weather

My childhood was spent in the NE are of the country, where winter was the dominant season and gray skies ruled most of those days. It was depressing to say the least. 288 more words