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03/03/15 Mentally ill man ate my hamster...

It’s been a while, hasn’t it, since we’ve heard tales of dangerous lunatics wandering our streets?

Well, in truth it hasn’t, but let’s just go with that optimistic thought, shall we? 948 more words

Mental Health

You've Come A Long Way Baby

Today is a good day, it always has been. It has always been a good day and will continue for many years to be so. I expect in time that Google will have artwork on their homepage celebrating the fact that today March 3rd is a good date. 822 more words


What It's Like

It’s like….

your entire life span,
past, present, future.

It’s like a moment…
the only moment, every moment, the moment.

The Camino Frances to Finisterre is… 575 more words

Imaginary Walking Trip: Mile 53

I can definitely say that this project, The Imaginary Walking Trip, is motivational for me. Knowing that I can track my trip via http://www.geodistance.com, has made jumping on the treadmill to walk or to run way more exciting. 319 more words

Imaginary Walking Trip

Me and the Purple Pilgrim

Me and the Purple Pilgrim

There seems to be more to this trip than just planning the time off, purchasing plane tickets, figuring out train schedules (somehow the schedule kept reverting back to Spanish and we had to put some guesswork into things) and accommodations…A LOT more. 721 more words

Motivational Walking

I am not motivated to walk!

Unfortunately, scenes like this photo almost always involve some walking!

In Minnesota, temps can dip so low you can feel like you’ve been plunged into the arctic bowels of a wintry hell, lodged between frozen chunks of last night’s yak and the frosty, iron clad colon of the abominable snowman himself,  frozen fast and hard to extricate.   897 more words

Card Sound

What's the future for mothers groups?

I’ve been thinking recently about mothers groups and the growing trend of many new mums to either not go along at all or to drop off after just a couple of weeks. 560 more words