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Get while the gettin’s good!

Walking needs to be efficient these days.  There’s no time for lollygagging or enjoying a leisurely Sunday stroll because, if it hasn’t rained recently, just wait a few minutes as showers or storms are sure to be on the horizon. 732 more words

Bewl Water - Sussex Border Path

I made my way down to the waters edge and came across various cyclists, which was quite a surprise.

Further on I came across a lovely couple who had virtually walked around the entire reservoir. 182 more words


Moving Along

This week is all about moving along – life moving along and me… trying to!

Earlier in the week I went to see the Amazing Dr A. 566 more words

Day To Day Life

Juneathon day 24: well that was a hot one...

It was extremely hot today… consequently I didn’t do anything activity related until 7pm when it had cooled down.

I decided that after all the dancing yesterday I’d head out for a walk. 23 more words


Alster River Trail

It’s summer, and while I’m a city girl through and through, the soul is demanding open spaces and lots of tall, leafy trees, their branches disappearing in a roof of green foliage over my head, wide paths and a bench every now and then to sit and read, or scribble… 222 more words


So other

Note after walk:

If a teacher (particularly of ‘life’) hurt bad, maybe that it could be seen through the lense of walking.

It was in us, one taught the other to walk, closely or from a distance, and we walk. 127 more words