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The Cure for What Ailed Me

She was a beautiful woman, that much I remember. Her dark hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and her pale neck was visible.

I was sitting in… 684 more words

Doctor Who

Security, Cleanliness and Unencumbered Texting for All of Us

In Jocgeekland, we often receive items for review that may not be “gotta have its” for everyone, but have become essential in satisfying our hunger for “stuff” we can use every day. 1,020 more words

Consumer Tech

Ode to the Walkman

Day 8: Prompt: Drawer, Form: Ode, Device: Apostrophe

Left in the drawer, untouched for years

Seeing you now, memory clears.

Your whirr going forward, your whirr going back… 81 more words


Comparison no.2

On the left the first model of the Sony walkman TPS-L2, launched in 1980. Ideal for joggers or roller skating although quite heavy because it made entirely in metal. 284 more words


Sony Smartphones are set to abandon Android and the Xperia series

Rumours are that Sony Smartphones are set to Surrender as It abandons Android and Xperia but i very much doubt it.

Sony will apparently stop the production or stop concentrating on their TV’s and their Walkmans, and new rumours are that they will do this to their Smartphones too. 35 more words


Time on my hands

Recently I read that, during an average 80 year life span, we each spend 5 years of that time waiting. That’s right, doing nothing but waiting. 713 more words