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Walk This Way!

Being a graphic designer has trained my eye to notice things most people don’t. One of the things I have been noticing lately, is the way a few mortals chose to walk. 631 more words

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My Radio Listening Habits, Clearchannel Killed the Radio Star(Or Is Really Trying to) , My Newest Finds and My Walkman-Hoarding Not-Problem

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Way back when, when I was the only person in my house who didn’t remember the pre-Rock ‘N’ Roll era (you could argue that this is once again true, but only because I’m the only person in my house at all), as much as people tried to put up with music that clearly made them jittery, I would often go around with my Walkman, once I got it. 1,505 more words

Why Are So Many Female Porn Stars Dying?

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In less than three months, four famous porn stars have died. 2,799 more words


Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow - Personal Stereo

I’m sure that anyone from my generation (I’ll be 40 in November) can remember their first Walkman. In my case I received a Sony Walkman in 1991, however it kept eating my tapes until Christmas 1995, when I received a Fenner Walkman, which I used until 2006. 132 more words

Object Lessons


Reach for the Gold!

PROS: solid build, desktop quality audio performance, simple & efficient interface, 4.4mm balanced HO, incredible battery life, wireless sound quality, S-Master HX digital amp. 7,485 more words

DAP Review

Phil Maguire: Empty Damage

Falt cassette and download 

For artists of a certain stripe, the imperfection of recording and playback technology exerts an irrepressible attraction. Audiophiles and studio engineers may make the erasure of this presence a life’s work – after all, their aim is for these intermediaries to as neutral as possible – but for others, the unwelcome intrusion of those hisses, crackles and clunks is sonic gold. 339 more words

It is an article introducing Japanese products Sony

One of the representative popular products of Japanese SONY products, Walkman
Actually it is also an excellent product I was using, it is good to use while jogging or during a factory break. 361 more words