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Sony NW-A35, 가볍게 듣기

소니가 컴퓨터 사업부를 정리를 하면서, 일반 가전제품부도 대부분 정리 한 것으로 기억합니다. 몇 년전부터, 삼성과 LG에게 TV 시장을 빼앗기면서 다시 옛 명성을 찾기 위한 집중이 아닐까요. 41 more words

미국에서 살다보니

Inside Sony's search for the next Walkman

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Sony Corp, which is emerging from five years of brutal restructuring that gutted its workforce and product lineup, wants to show off a few new things. 1,004 more words

Money Matters

Sony Wm-f404 10th Anniversary Walkman Radio Cassette-corder In Box!

Sony Wm-f404 10th Anniversary Walkman Radio Cassette-corder In Box!
This 10th Anniversary Walkman Was NOS From A Shop In Tokyo. It’s Been Opened Only To Verify Condition And Check For Battery Leakage. 236 more words


Put your hands up

Si me lo preguntan son el vallenato, el reggae y el rock mis géneros preferidos. Sin embargo, la música electrónica ha ocupado un lugar especial desde mi adolescencia. 1,056 more words

Are you a Walkman?

Taking the subway helps me to think. You get to also people watch. As it happens with many of us; as long as earphones are plugged in our ears the outer world remains almost disconnected. 862 more words

Apple Cuts Back on iPod Product Line

In 1979, the Sony Walkman revolutionized the portable music industry. It was marketed for 30 years; and 400 million units were sold. The Walkman’s decline and ultimate demise was brought on by the Apple iPod, whose first version was introduced in fall 2001. 242 more words

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The Proustian Walkman

I still remember seeing my first Walkman. I was on holiday in Portugal, probably 9 or 10 years old, and someone at the hotel where I was staying had one. 510 more words