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Watch Two Kids Try to Figure Out How a Walkman Works

From the Business Insider post:

“Walkmans are, believe it or not, already slipping out of our cultural memory. When one mom found an old Walkman and cassette tapes from the 80s, she decided to see if her kids could make any sense of them. 48 more words


Watch Kids Use a Walkman for the First Time

Kids might have an edge when it comes to NEW technology. But a mom in Portland, Oregon recently gave her kids her old Walkman to mess around with… and it took them over a minute just to figure out how to put a cassette in. Ha!


Add The Walkman To The List Of Things That Kids Just Don't Get

Remember the Walkman? You know one of the very first portable music listening devices. You probably haven’t seen one since the 80s.

So what happens when you find your old Walkman and give it to your kids to play with? 74 more words


Jagged Little Pill

Growing up I traveled a lot with my Grandparents. They took me all over this great Country of ours. Every time I saw my Pa getting the travel trailer hitched up I would get all excited because I knew we were fixing to head out somewhere. 244 more words


Five things that my Kids will never do - Media

My Mum was taking care of my son, ‘The Pok’, at home yesterday as he was sick and I was unable to take the day off work. 826 more words


Patent law and IP serve only corporations, not inventors

Another great story about an inventor, who was robbed off his own invention by a corporation. Andreas Pavel, the inventor of proto-walkman, finally got the wrongs revised… 36 more words


Top 10 Time Travel Movies of all....TIME #topten

This is probably the hardest top ten list I’ve ever had to make, because I never realized how many time travel movies I like.  Someone once said that Time Travel movies make no money, and I can see how easy it might be to screw something like that up.   794 more words

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