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The following is a rant I posted on twitter maybe a month ago. I wrote it through the day in transit and at work, so it might be a bit disjointed, but still valid. 1,701 more words


Wall of Jericho

Well all know the famous event of the Israelites who marched seven times around the wall of Jericho and it fell. It was a miraculous feat. 41 more words


Children's Club - 6th October 2017

In tonight’s busy Children’s Club we watched the story of Joshua and learnt that God is always with us 😃 We had a great time using the shakers as we sang before having a quiet time of prayer 🎵🙏 The children created houses with a memory verse then had a fun time playing outdoor games and collecting apples from the orchard 🏚️🤸‍♀️⚽🍏 We were blessed to be joined by new faces, including dads and a very well-behaved dog👨‍👦‍👦 🐕

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The Walls of Jericho

When one hears the name “Jericho” one naturally thinks of Israelites marching, trumpets sounding and walls falling. It is a wonderful story of faith and victory that we enjoy reading and telling in Sunday School class, but did it really happen? 6,319 more words