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Inevitably Forgotten

        In Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and Oliver Stone’s film Wall Street, the 1980s as a decade is portrayed as a negative and destructive time. 974 more words


The Tale Of My $1600 That Never Existed

It was some time in late 2013. I watched Wall Street for the millionth time and I was all hyped up to get involved in the financial world. 781 more words


Wall Street Rebound Dari Aksi Selloff Sehari Sebelumnya

Monexnews –

Bursa saham AS berjangka terkerek naik di hari Jumat, melambung dari kejatuhan tajam sehari sebelumnya. Namun meski diikuti penguatan harian, performa bursa AS secara mingguan masih di teritori negative, sebagian besar disebabkan aksi sell off yang sangat tajam pada hari Kamis kemarin. 167 more words


Investing Is Easy (kinda)

At it’s core, when you strip away all the jargon and complexities of first or second order thinking, investing is simply a case of: buying ownership in a profitable and/or growing business. 861 more words

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Overheard on Wall Street: Reactions to VF, Wolverine, Iconix & Columbia's Q1

Another big week in earnings has wrapped with VF Corp., Iconix Brand Group Inc., Wolverine World Wide Inc., Columbia Sportswear Co., all filing their financials with the SEC. 840 more words


Black Wall Street - Baltimore Riots Potential Revival?

Black Wall Street, or Little Africa, was a town in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the 1900s where a multitude of blacks had created their very own infrastructure. 146 more words