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Peter intrigues by what it might have been

Nobody runs over a child if he can help it. Even a thief will bring you back your pocket-book if you trust him to take care of it.

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Wall Street Bergerak Stabil Dalam Sesi Libur Thanksgiving

Monexnews –

Bursa Wall Street bergerak stabil di hari Jumat dalam sesi setengah hari ditengah liburan Thanksgiving. 155 more words


A Very Trump Thanksgiving

krugman.blogs.nytimes.com – I awakened, long before dawn, to the sound of helicopters patrolling the Upper West Side. Many helicopters. I guess they’re protecting Snoopy. Then, over coffee, I read more Alan Abramowitz on how The Donald could be the nominee. 81 more words


Dark Pools & Regulation

Let’s say you see a price on a ticker.  Most people assume the price you see on the ticker is the price you pay.  After all, stock markets are transparent, everyone plays by the same rules, right? 519 more words


Is Groupon Doomed to Fail?

Daily deals giant and one-time darling of Silicon Valley, Groupon, is having a hard time of it. An IPO in 2011 raised a whopping $700 million, apparently more money at the time than any US firm since Google. 409 more words

New Class Action Suit Over Swaps Trading Hits Wall Street - by Reuters , NOVEMBER 26, 2015, 5:33 AM EST

Pension funds allege that a cartel of big banks made it artificially expensive to hedge against interest-rate risk.

Wall Street’s biggest and best are facing new accusations of market-rigging in a multi-billion class action suit from investors in the $320 trillion market for interest rate swaps. 293 more words

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It’s A Conspiracy!

krugman.blogs.nytimes.com – Greg Sargent has lately been driving home the point that Donald Trump just isn’t vulnerable to typical establishment attacks — at least in the Republican primary. 138 more words