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Brick upon brick, upon brick; each placed with care. One man mixes the mud, a gray mush of cement, sand and water. He mixes with an over-sized hoe with two big holes in it. 527 more words

Healthy Shelf Top Load Wall Mount Individual Sheet Paper Towel Dispenser

*** Top Load Wall Mount Hand Towel Dispenser Shelf Shipped new in factory packaging *** Fully Assembled & Ready to Hang – Wall Mount 15 x 6 x 4 inches *** Painted MDF Wood *** Dispenses SINGLE SHEET standard multi-fold paper towels, one at a time *** Dimensions: 15in Long x 6in Wide (front to back) x 4in Deep *** Holds approximately 85 standard multifold, interlocking single sheet paper towels *** Will also dispense rubber gloves or grocery-type plastic bags *** Includes base unit,lid, 2 screws, 2 plastic wall anchors, hanging instructions *** PURCHASE standard multifold paper TOWELS SEPARATELY ** ** ** ** Handy at home or at the office to dispense paper towels, rubber gloves or plastic grocery bags *** Useful in the kitchen, bath, nursery, laundry room, nursery room and garage *** A favorite of Dentists, Health Care Professionals, Bed and Breakfast Establishments, Veterinarians, Day Care Centers, Senior Living Communities ** ** ** ** ** ** ** NOTE: Standard multifold (M-fold) paper towels purchased separately (approx. 16 more words


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Happiness on a wall

I posted an Instagram photo last night of my husband helping me hang frames. Around Christmas we did some rearranging, which left a big open wall with a lonely off-center clock. 283 more words


My take on the Trump phenomenon

Why is Donald Trump so popular with so many people?

I have a very simple theory. It’s the wall, stupid!

He’s known for building things, creating yuge structures of steel and concrete. 229 more words