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The west of the Principality of Wallachia (now the southwestern region in Romania) was sometimes called the Banat of Craiova, from its capital, a city on the River Jiu, which flows southwards from the Transylvanian Alps to the Danube. 14 more words


The Historian

Kostova’s tale about the vampire that started it all is elegantly written, unsettling, and often evocative – but it ultimately gets mired in its own intricacies while building up to a denouement that doesn’t quite justify the effort taken to reach it. 921 more words


The birth of the idea of establishing janissary corps

The early Ottoman chroniclers including Aşıkpaşazade, Neşri, Kemal, Oruç, and
the anonymous chronicles agree that the Janissary Corps was established by Murad I after the conquest of Edirne (1361) . 507 more words


Notes on: Rome and the Nomads: The Pontic-Danubian Realm in Antiquity

Batty, Roger. Rome and the Nomads: The Pontic-Danubian Realm in Antiquity.  

p. 9     Two premises to the work: 1) due to the fragmented sources there should not be narrow geographical or temporal limits to the work, 2) “in any quest to establish cohesive trends in the region, espesial attention should be given to less obvious factors than the political or military narrative of various states and peoples. 5,208 more words


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Bucharest break up.

I couldn’t breathe! It was like being in the northern Indian enviromental disaster that is Faridabad all over again only this time there was no barcode of factory chimneys scarring the horizon, this disaster was nothing more than a queue of people waiting for a bus! 1,375 more words