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Field Notes: The Troubled Man

We watched the final episode of the BBC’s Wallander entitled “The Troubled Man” based on the book of the same name by Swedish author Henning Mankell this past Sunday (10/16/16) evening, and it was a calm and thoughtful end to a great series. 213 more words


cornfield, Skane

I took a few photos trying to get a “Wallander” landscape.  I think this is the best.


Three great cop shows -- all European!

By Caitlin Kelly

I’m not, per se, a huge fan of cop shows, (although I enjoyed, and miss, NYPD Blue.)

But three shows have really caught my attention: Wallander (the Swedish version), The Tunnel and Inspector Lewis. 559 more words


Detective Inspector Irene Huss - the TV Series

The 12 episode series Detective Inspector Irene Huss is based on the novels of the same name authored by Helene Tursten. On a lark, I picked up a copy of the first book in the series when I was at Northshire Books in Saratoga in June and enjoyed it. 242 more words


Indian wildlife, the supernatural, YouTube stars and great drama on offer on SA's BBC channels

BBC Channels on DStv will be showcasing some fascinating new shows. We take a look at some of them. 772 more words

“A dead snake, he thought. But its body is still writhing away, and anyone not in the know would think it was still alive. That’s just what it’s like here… A lot of the old ways, things we thought were dead and buried, are still alive. 32 more words