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Many of you have probably fished for walleye using live minnows and found that they didn’t stay on the hook for long or died fairly quickly. 645 more words

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One of the biggest keys to finding late spring/early summer walleye on major lake is the presence of perch & Wawang Lake holds plenty of perch; especially smaller young-of-the-year ones. 702 more words

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Early Season Walleye Jigging Tactics

Jigging for Walleye

Using jigs can be very productive but too many anglers aren’t fishing them correctly. Just starters, understand that you won’t always feel the thump of a walleye when it strikes a jig. 415 more words

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Tasty Broiled Walleye

Yield: 4 Servings


1 lb Walleye Fillets

Combine the following to make a paste:

2 tb Lemon juice

2 Garlic cloves; minced

3 tb Soy oil… 113 more words


Early Spring Lake Walleye Fishing

Walleye will be on the move toward spawning locations during early spring. Spawning sites vary from lake to lake. Spawning habitat requires moving water, however, so walleye ascend tributaries, where they spawn over gravel bars or in mild riffles. 296 more words

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Walleye Lures - Use and Tips

Here is a good variety of some excellent and proven lures for catching walleye.

Rapala Flat Rap

Balsa wood construction

Flat-sided hard flashing action

Triangle lip enhances action… 579 more words

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Jigging For Weed Walleye with BUCKTAILS

When walleye head to the shade of the salad, or cruise along the edge of vegetation, a bucktail jig can be your greatest tool for seducing them to strike. 962 more words

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