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Top Five Walleye Fishing Tips

1. Jig and Live Bait Combination
What can I say? More walleyes have likely been caught on a jig and live bait presentation than all other lures and baits combined. 1,009 more words

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Spend A Memorable Weekend At Manitoba Fishing Lodges

The world is known to millions of rejuvenation activities that are taken place both indoors and outdoors. Every activity has its own unique feature and builds an interest in the minds of people willing to play it according to the area or circumstance they stay in. 212 more words

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All dedicated walleye anglers seek to catch a 10+ lb. walleye, considered by many, a once-in-a-lifetime prize catch. To accomplish this task one must recognize the variety of waters that yield big walleye, using the proper fishing presentations and fishing the best times of the year which increase your chances of landing that trophy walleye. 991 more words

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Trolling for Lake Erie Walleye: The Basics

So, your scrolling through your Facebook news feed and you see your friends constantly posting photos of some beautiful Lake Erie walleyes.  You think to yourself, “I’ve got a boat and I want to give this a try…but where do I start?”  If you start searching Google for some answers, you might get overwhelmed very quickly.  2,000 more words

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Tactical Jigging

There are many jigging techniques that can be used, and the weather conditions, the specific water you are fishing, the time of year, and other factors will all play a part in which jigs an techniques will be the most effective. 592 more words

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If hooking a big walleye is the plan then Wawang Lake is where you want to go whether it’s spring, summer or fall . While walleye are rather active and generally numbers are much easier to find during the spring, but catching BIG trophy sized walleye happens all season long.  621 more words

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Walleye Lures and Baits

To get a fish to bite, you need to know how, where, whe­n, and what it eats.

Walleye are most active in morning and evening. They feed on small yellow perch, small northern pike, lake herring, other small bait fish and you can often find them around schools of these smaller fish. 946 more words