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The Key in Finding Those Summer Fish!

It’s what we’ve been waiting for those hot, lazy, crazy days of August and then someone says it’s too “hot” to catch any walleye! The excuses start: too hot, too calm, too much humidity, too many fish (walleye) and not enough days to fish them! 1,925 more words

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Fishing Opener 2015

As a Minnesotan, I only recognize 3 holidays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the Minnesota fishing opener. For the 2015 opener, a friend of mine invited me up to his family’s cabin on Little Bass Lake near Akeney, Minnesota. 632 more words



The prettiest fish in the world is a walleye pulled from Wawang Lake. They seem to have a rich, caramel color unmatched by any other region in North America. 831 more words

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FISH SCENT - Myth or Magic

There are many different commercial fish attractants. From aerosol cans to squeeze tubes, and jars to jellies, tackle store shelves are stacked with a wide range… 890 more words

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Using Leeches & Worms + VIDEO


Leeches and night-crawlers are favorite foods of the walleye because they are natural offerings in most waters and walleye are accustomed to feeding on them. 807 more words

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One of the biggest keys to finding late spring/early summer walleye on major lake is the presence of perch & we have lots of perch; especially smaller young-of-the-year ones. 705 more words

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Deep Water Walleye

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When you catch a big Walleye, big meaning over 6-pounds, there is a 95% chance that it’s a female. 903 more words

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