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Read an Exchange with Author Angus Vieira

Angus Vieira is an author I met by way of mutual friend, screenwriter/poet Wally Lane. We read each other’s books and connected on Facebook. To say that he is an ‘interesting’ man would not do him justice. 3,002 more words

Eden Baylee

Let’s Not Say Goodbye, Only Farewell

As you’ll see from Wally’s blog today, Black Ink, White Paper is winding up. We’ll be done as of December 31. We’ve had a terrific time with all our readers, but it’s time for us – for all of us – to move on to something new. 406 more words

Wally Lane

A Cautionary Tale

I would like to share with all of you, what I think is a funny story, and what my wife assures me, was her most embarrassing moment. 768 more words

Wally Lane

It's A Boy!

Instead of a blog this week, with me boring you with my knowledge or some story from my past—I’d like to take this time to share with you something wonderful. 360 more words

Wally Lane

Another Life Lesson

I had no blog in mind this week—nothing to share I thought. And then my mind flashed back to the previous week and a phone call we received that one of our grandchildren was in custody—lock up, county jail. 694 more words

Wally Lane

Dead But Never Forgotten

I was filled with a sense of sorrow when Dick Clark passed away on Wednesday. A great American icon was gone, an icon from my time. 774 more words

Wally Lane

Writing, Teaching, Teaching, Writing

I do a lot of teaching, and one-on-one mentoring these days—more and more lately. I never planned on being a teacher, didn’t go to school for it, it just happened. 458 more words