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Wally West's Stream of Consciousness (Racing Towards Black Siren)

The engine purrs into my bones seeping into my skin filling my veins with gasoline adrenaline and fumes all telling me that this is a bad idea but it’s better than thinking of a good idea while sitting still and doing nothing pen flicking in your wrist I accelerate too fast to soon… 291 more words

The Flash - "Invincible" Review

I don’t like Barry’s Dad. He is a voice of reason yes.However there’s something about the way he’s constantly trying to get in Barry’s way that frustrates me. 455 more words


Flash Thoughts - The Man in The Iron Mask

The Flash is one of, if not my absolute favourite TV shows out there and it has thrilled audiences with twists and turns and bountiful Easter eggs since the first episode aired, now we are only two episodes away from the end of season two. 523 more words


A Closer Look: The Flash - “Rupture”

The Flash returned this week with new purpose, to get back Barry’s speed! But with such a big decision to make and so many risks, it’s going to take a lot of factors to help push Barry towards such a risky decision. 1,147 more words

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The Flash - "Rupture" Review

They are using a hologram to pretend like The Flash is still in business. It worked rather well, but how long that could last was quickly called into question. 429 more words


Wally West - Giftstrumental 3 [Beat Tape]

New beat tape from @JDiablo aka Wally West titled “Giftstrumental 3”. As a sample, listeners can find 15 beats available for stream below. Emcees, producer, DJs, lovers of the culture, enjoy…. 14 more words

Leading Questions: Whatever Happened to Truth, Justice, and DC Comics in 1997?

This article was originally published at Comics Bulletin on April 28, 2016.

Every two weeks in a new installment of “Leading Questions”, the young, lantern jawed Mark Stack will ask Comics Bulletin’s very own Chase Magnett a question he must answer. 1,469 more words