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The Flash S4E1 Episode Review

So it’s probably well known by now that I have issues with The Flash, and going in to the season premier I was more than skeptical. 780 more words


The Flash S4 Ep.2: 'Mixed Signals' Review (Spoilers)

This week, The Flash’s promised change in tone became really apparent with the show’s writing taking on a more balanced tone in terms of comedy and serious moments. 676 more words


Wallace Rudolph West (The Flash)

Before I forget, the last episode of The Flash also gave us a nice Easter-egg that, if not exactly a new character, represents a nice nod to the comics. 1,022 more words


REVIEW: Season Four Premiere of "The Flash" Proves to be Promising

Spoiler alert!

This past Tuesday, the CW’s “The Flash” returned to our screens with a fun premiere. I was a bit worried about the show after it took a dark turn at the end of season two and further aided with that darkness in season three, but this premiere has me hopeful that the show will return to its old fun-loving self. 1,165 more words

Barry Allen

The Flash Season 4 Premier

This episode started off just like I expected with Team Flash trying to continue on without Barry.  They are able to defeat Peekaboo with the combined effort of Kid Flash and Vibe.  246 more words


Running Commentary - The Flash 3.15

“The Wrath of Savitar”
OAD – 3.7.17

The billboard….lol

Okay, so if Wally can get faster, as in fast enough to save Iris from Savitar (which my phone just tried to autocorrect to Sanitarium, which is fitting), why can’t BARRY get faster so he can save Iris???? 1,477 more words

Running Commentary

The Flash - Season 3 (2017) - Review

Released September 11th, The Flash Season 3 blasted forth onto Blu-ray/DVD/Digital. That’s right, Barry’s back with more time hopping, universe changing fun as we start the series with none other than ‘Flashpoint’. 857 more words