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DC Comics Fan: What I Want To Do...

On this blog I intend to follow and review DC Comics in all its mediums. I am a lifelong DC Comics fan and I’ve always felt I should start a blog to record my lifelong passion and enthusiasm for this fictional universe. 240 more words

First Look at Kid Flash

Are you excited for the third season of The Flash ?! Then get ready for October 4, it will premiere on CW. It is officially confirmed that they are going with the  14 more words


The Flash #1 (2016) Review

I wasn’t expecting much with this one, I mean look at the cover. The art alone looks very sloppy, the way the writer was describing the series painted out a picture that screamed, “OVERDONE!!!”. 211 more words

DC Comics

Some of DC Comic's biggest unanswered questions

Superhero comics are a serial medium, we all know that. Things happen, things change, things reset. With such an influx of talent going on for so long: particularly in the case of DC and Marvel, questions can get answered in an unsatisfactory way, or sometimes not at all.  666 more words

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Subway Shorts - July 31, 2016

Three more comics read on the subway ride home yesterday, with two featuring guys who run really fast. 695 more words

DC Comics

Titans 1

With the introductory special out of the way, the new Titans book has begun for real. At Dick’s loft in Gotham, the team is getting used to the return of their forgotten friend, Wally West. 640 more words


Titans #1 Review

Titans #1
Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: Brett Booth
Colors: Andrew Dalhouse
Letter: Carlow M. Mangual
Publisher: DC Comics

The original Kid Flash, Wally West is back from the events of the DC Rebirth Special, and is now on a journey to round-up his former teammates and find out who is behind the manipulation of the DC Universe.   765 more words