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Brandon Routh Discusses Wally West's Role In ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’

In a recent interview, Brandon Routh discussed the addition of Keynan Lionsdale as Wally West in Legends Of Tomorrow  409 more words

Red Arrow Kisses Robin (Rebirth)

Well this has possibilities. I see how Damian Wayne would have start to have feelings for Emiko Queen – both of them were raised in a brutal upbringing, constant training and fighting and what not. 20 more words


How Kid Flash Rejoined The Teen Titans (Rebirth)

I love the moments where Damian Wayne is forced to admit that he was wrong, you know… deflate that ego a bit.

From – Teen Titans Vol. 6 #14


Deathstroke With The Speed Force's Power

Deathstroke tricked Kid Flash and managed to steal his powers and gain access to the Speed Force.

From – Teen Titans Vol. 6 #8


#1498: Kid Flash



One of my favorite TV shows (and one of the few I can actually more or less keep up with) is CW’s  600 more words


The Flash: GottaGoFastGottaGoFast

The Flash! He can really move! The Flash! He’s got an attitude! The Flash! He’s the fastest thing alive! He’s the fastest thing alive! He’s the fastest thing aliiiiiiive! 2,010 more words