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Home away from Home

I’ve made some changes…

I thought I’d hold off until March to look for a new place, but a door of opportunity opened up for me in Fullerton. 160 more words


Everyday Sketches

I’m continuing on with my daily sketching in my Moleskine sketchbook. I had started out using a Lamy Safari pen filled with Noodler’s black ink. The lines were not as fine even though the nib was a EF (extra fine). 92 more words


Speckled Leaf Wreath Card

May Your Home…

by Neva Cole

It is Thanksgiving time, a time to reflect on the blessings in our life and the sentiment expressed in this stamp is ideal for the perfect Thanksgiving card. 485 more words


Miniature Mask Charms

How Charming!

by Jennifer Vanderbeek

Now is the time to don a mask and be someone you’re not, or someone you want to be. Or maybe the mask is your true self that you cannot show! 256 more words


Leaves of Gold

Handmade Aged Tome

by Jennifer Vanderbeek

There’s just something undeniably cool knowing you can make a book. It can be hard or soft covered, have stitched signatures or glued, funky folds or torn edges, it doesn’t matter—it’s a book made with your own two hands. 440 more words


Framed Art Journal Page

Thinking Outside the Book

by Jennifer Vanderbeek

Not all art journal pages need to stay in a book or binder. Expand your horizon (and page size) by working the same techniques on a larger sheet and framing it for your wall. 229 more words