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Walnut Sauce My Way

It’s been the Year of the Walnut here in Alsace. I love the sound of the nuts as they explode out of their green casings and fall to the ground with a gentle, muffled thud. 720 more words


Oh, just stuff it!

Before I get to today’s regularly scheduled blog post, I have a little announcement! Thanks to the help of some very good friends and supporters, I’ve been able to register for the International Food Bloggers Convention in Seattle next month! 1,192 more words


Croxetti with Walnuts and Lemon

For those who aren’t familiar with this odd looking pasta shape, it’s name is Croxetti and it is circular and stamped usually with an intricate pattern. 441 more words


Boiled Kale w/ Creamy Garlic Walnut Sauce

Many thanks to Ann Esselstyn for this fabulous way to prepare kale. I’ve been eating it with my breakfast and dinner! Boil up some kale and top with walnut sauce. 302 more words


Walnut sauce - Italian Pasta Recipe - Part 3

This walnut sauce is the perfect topping for Italian pasta Pansotti.

How to make walnut sauce 


10-15 shelled walnuts

1-2 clove garlic

2-3 slices of stale bread without crusts… 87 more words


Pansotti Pasta Filling - Italian Pasta Recipe - Part 2

How to make pansotti filling


500 g ricotta cheese

1 kg boiled green vegetables: spinach, chard, borage (= 5 kg raw vegetables)

1-2 clove Italian garlic… 77 more words


Italian Pasta Recipe: Ligurian Pansotti

As promised in this blog post, here you can find a recipe we learned during our team building week-end in Liguria!

How to make Ligurian Pansotti… 287 more words