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Tsch├╝ss, Winter! Spring Holidays in Germany

Easter may be a faint glow in our rearview mirrors (on the busses, of course; who has a car here??), but that does not mean that Germany is lacking in holidays. 350 more words


Hexennacht - Witches Night Celebration 

Hexennacht or “Witches Night” is a celebration that seems to be growing in popularity. Or it could be I am just lucky to meet more people who are drawn to it. 493 more words

Walpurgis Night

Tonight is Walpurgis Night, named after the English Medieval missionary, St. Walpurga, who first brought Christianity to the Germanic people. Her feast day is May 1st, and the eve of the day, April 30th, is often celebrated with dancing and reveling. 478 more words

Gothic Poetry

We Be Pagans (Ode to Walpurgis Night)

Fire. Fire. Fireworks.
Family and Friends.
How are you?
Breakfast, Dinner and Lunch.
Can’t Complain,
Drunk and Awake
Coffee and Punch,
Beer, Wine and Cider. 90 more words


Hexennacht I

The day dawned dark and grim
As I arose from the depths of nightmare.
I gazed with fear my window from
And saw the streets outside were bare. 111 more words


April weather

This week has offered typical april weather with sun, small hail and rain. Still rather cold though. The magnolia flowers as it should to Valborg or walpurgis night that is today. 208 more words


Hexennacht II

The hour was late, and the guardsman held his lonely vigil.
A moonless night, disturbed only by things which might be;
The imagined things which almost don’t exist, but leave their sigil… 95 more words