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Spring in Sweden

Last week one of my best friends got married so of course I had to fly back to Sweden to be there for him. Renegade Wife and I spent the week before the wedding in Göteborg meeting up with old friends in lots of different constellations which was great fun. 567 more words


Beltaine (and Samhain!) Blessings

Whatever you celebrate on May 1st — May Day, Walpurgisnacht or Beltaine — blessings for this magickal day. And for those south of the equator, Samhain Blessings !!! 287 more words


Spring Cleansing

Generally I hate that term–Spring Cleaning, you know. Spring is not the only time to clean. But it’s a hugely popular term. So I just make due with absolutely everything that goes on about spring cleaning. 554 more words


Walpurgis in the Harz mountain

It is time again to go a bit crazy in Harz, at the foot of the Brocken peak. Here it is: Walpurgis, tonight.
But it is also a time to think about many things we take for granted and acctually we don’t question as we should. 42 more words


Walpurgis Night... if only I'd remembered!

Bonfire night is a tradition going back way before Guy Fawkes and his associates tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605; having a big blazing fire, lots of japes, traditional food, a big feast before winter sets in… that must go back millennia! 192 more words




Beltane will begin at SunDown on the Eve of April 30

And groups are not the only ones allowed to have all the fun… 487 more words