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Photoblog: Cortègen; Gothenburg's Tripping Balls Annual Carnival

Chance is a fine thing, so they say, and so I was inundated with fine things during my visit to Gothenburg – which, by astonishing coincidence, had me there during its most famous public event. 183 more words

International Travel

back from the sabbat

I feel I should make this post, almost as a formality, though I did do a video on the same subject almost two weeks ago. You could call this… 364 more words


Changing April weather

The street and sky scene this week is from Triangeln and Möllevångstorget in Malmö. Above a glorious morning sky above Sankt Johannes church at Triangeln that has changed to pouring rain an hour later at Möllevångstorget a few blocks away in the picture below. 356 more words


Glad Valborg!

Dear friends and family,

Kära familj och vänner!

This was how I spent Walpurgis night in Austin. I missed Uppsala, a little bit. But this was pretty nice too… 59 more words

Life Abroad

Walpurgis night


Walpurgis is the beginning of spring and warmer weather, and honestly, what is this season without rhubarbs dipped in sugar? In addition to this, of course, the last drops of cold coffee. 43 more words


A little space to honor yourself and the seasons

Spring has sprung. It’s May Day eve, Walpurgis Night, what you will call it. A time for regeneration and new growth. I’ve begun clearing out the cobwebs in my life and in my head. 327 more words


by the fiery energies at work in nature

coming together of the masculine and the feminine

as man and woman begin to learn the secrets of the sexual and of the sensual through their union… 12 more words

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