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I always say my momentous dates are always personal. As Nietzsche says we must make our own feast days

I always say my momentous dates are always personal. As Nietzsche says, we must make our own feast days. Christmas, Birthdays, and New Year’s Eve, all mean nothing to me and are when I am at my most nervous and uncomfortable, feeling the skin stripped from my body, exposed. 18 more words

Walpurgis/ Thrimilci 22 April - 1 May

The festival of Walpurgis between the 22nd of April till the nigth of 1st of May, are the nights of both merrymaking and joy but also darkness and insight. 190 more words

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Oksana Skorik Оксана Скорик

Oksana Skorik Оксана Скорик (Mariinsky Ballet), “Walpurgis Night” from “Faust” choreography by Leonid Lavrovsky Леонид Лавровский, Alexandrinsky Theatre, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2016 Dance Open Ballet Festival (April 25) 89 more words


ADF Dedicant Path: Seventh High Day Recap (Beltane)

Despite all the sunny days we’ve had since Eostre, Beltane managed to land on a cold and rainy one. I made the best of it in my mind by thinking of the weather as the dark half of the year’s final farewell. 414 more words


Tschüss, Winter! Spring Holidays in Germany

Easter may be a faint glow in our rearview mirrors (on the busses, of course; who has a car here??), but that does not mean that Germany is lacking in holidays. 350 more words


Hexennacht - Witches Night Celebration 

Hexennacht or “Witches Night” is a celebration that seems to be growing in popularity. Or it could be I am just lucky to meet more people who are drawn to it. 493 more words

Walpurgis Night

Tonight is Walpurgis Night, named after the English Medieval missionary, St. Walpurga, who first brought Christianity to the Germanic people. Her feast day is May 1st, and the eve of the day, April 30th, is often celebrated with dancing and reveling. 478 more words

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