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Franz Simm (1853-1918)

Witches Celebrating Walpurgis Night

19th Century

The Dead travel fast....

On the top of the tomb, seemingly driven through the solid marble — for the structure was composed of a few vast blocks of stone — was a great iron spike or stake. 188 more words


Anna Tsygankova and Matthew Golding

Anna Tsygankova and Matthew Golding, “Walpurgis Night” from “Faust” by Charles Gounod, Het Nationale Ballet (Dutch National Ballet) at 2013 Dance Open Ballet Festival, Saint Petersburg, Russia… 17 more words


I always say my momentous dates are always personal. As Nietzsche says we must make our own feast days

I always say my momentous dates are always personal. As Nietzsche says, we must make our own feast days. Christmas, Birthdays, and New Year’s Eve, all mean nothing to me and are when I am at my most nervous and uncomfortable, feeling the skin stripped from my body, exposed. 18 more words

Walpurgisnacht: Why it has nothing to do with Anglo-Saxon Benedictine nun Walburga but everything with Paganism

written and copyrighted by Týra Alrune Sahsnotasvriunt

Surprisingly the misinformation that Anglo-Saxon Benedictine nun Walburga (710-779), who proselytized in Germany (ironically in Heidheim, “Heathen Home”) is the originator of Walpurgis’ Night and that it is a Catholic holiday is a wide-spread one. 1,048 more words

Indo-European Religions

Walpurgisnacht | A Bonfire Night

… it was the night befor May Day | … es war die Nacht bevor Maifeiertag

Walpurgis Night is the English translation of Walpurgisnacht, the German name for the night of 30 April, so called because it is the eve of the feast day of Saint Walpurga, an 8th-century abbess. 151 more words

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