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Ein Tag spät…aber so geht es mit mir.

Der tschechische Name interessiert mich: Valpuržina noc. Ich kenne den Name, also ob ich richtig Tschechisch sprach. Als andere Notizen – ich sollte ein Anfang für einen Sprachkurs machen. 335 more words

Auf Deutsch

Pagan of the Good Times

Today I am celebrating May Day, Beltane and Walpurgisnacht. The beginning of May is a time of year when, supposedly, the warmer weather comes and everything begins to blossom and grow. 843 more words

British And Brilliant

Tschüss, Winter! Spring Holidays in Germany

Easter may be a faint glow in our rearview mirrors (on the busses, of course; who has a car here??), but that does not mean that Germany is lacking in holidays. 350 more words


Hexennacht - Witches Night Celebration 

Hexennacht or “Witches Night” is a celebration that seems to be growing in popularity. Or it could be I am just lucky to meet more people who are drawn to it. 493 more words

Beltane and Walpurgisnacht

The fires crackles along with the beat of the drum.  The night is electric with energy as the people dance together. Gleaming bodies painted orange by the sacred flames as the spin and leap. 382 more words




(30 April)

Eve of a saint’s day and

Something to do with

Witches and with German

Witches, I imagine—the

Good kind of witch, I’m… 130 more words

1. Mai - May Day

Today is one of these days when I get a bit homesick because I know that many of my friends are celebrating right now and are having a good time. 392 more words