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Disney Unveils 'Moana' Details After Tease At Comic-Con

Voice artist Alan Tudyk teased it at Comic-Con, and now Disney Animation Studios is giving details: It’s releasing images and voice cast from its latest animated feature… 228 more words

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Mainstream American Animation Today and Tomorrow...

2016 is arguably a watershed year right now for the mainstream feature-length animated film…

Zootopia, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ wonderful new animated original, not only exceeded expectations, but also became one of the highest-grossing animated films and one of the few original, not-based-on-any-source-material films to cross $1 billion at the worldwide box office. 2,140 more words

The Myth of the “Disney Style”: What Hercules has in Common with Pink Floyd

Everyone has heard of the term “Disney style”.  It’s a sort of short hand term for the cookie-cutter big eyed, cutesy characters that Disney supposedly puts in all of their animated films.  1,647 more words

Brother Bear

Moose!  Mammoths!  Matricide!  Floppy-lipped dog-bears crooning Phil Collins.  A brash-headed, prehistoric eskimo learns to respect the interconnectedness of all things.  This is lesser Disney but still the backgrounds are sumptuous.  105 more words

The Gospel Truth

In my last two articles I looked at films based on fairy tales that were made in Disney’s Golden Era and Silver Era. Well now I’m going to jump ahead in time to look at a film from Disney’s Renaissance Era, and jump back in time to write about a film set in ancient Greece. 106 more words

The Live Action Cinderella You’ve Never Seen

A lot of you have probably seen the live action version of Cinderella that came out last year. Well long before Lily James took on the role, another actress played Cinderella at the Walt Disney Studios, Helene Stanley. 1,497 more words

Walt Disney Animation Studios is Making Wreck It Ralph 2!!

Walt Disney Animation Studios announced today that they are making a sequel to Wreck It Ralph! They even announced the release date. It will be released on March 9, 2018. 94 more words